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North Korea as Nuclear Power (02:09)


For over 70 years, North Korea's growing nuclear program has threatened the Asian continent. With its capital city of Seoul just over 30 miles from the border, South Korean agencies conduct emergency exercises and remain vigilant in case of attack.

Korea's History of Nuclear Ambitions (07:24)

North Korea's first underground weapons test triggered seismic sensors in Seoul. A former soldier from the Korean People's Army recalls a rally celebrating the bomb's successful detonation and his reason for defection. The drive to become a nuclear power stems from American consideration to use the atomic bomb to end the Korean War.

Cold War Nuclear Program Development (05:44)

As Cold War brinksmanship pushed both sides closer to direct conflict, President Kim Il-Sung pressed Soviet connections for information to jumpstart North Korea's nuclear program; Mao Zedong's rejected North Korea's requests for support. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, middlemen and subsidiaries were used to covertly purchase British, Belgian, and German components and designs for a production reactor.

Atomic Weapons for Korea's Defense (08:13)

Following the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, North Korea pursued nuclear armament with new fervor. A U.S. journal article drew international attention to North Korea's disregard for the stipulations of the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, culminating in the nation's rejection of and withdrawal from the treaty. Following the death of Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il established a relationship with Pakistan's Abdul Qadeer Khan.

North Korea's Military Power Revealed (09:45)

President George W. Bush's condemnation of North Korea was perceived as a declaration of war, and the nation redoubled its efforts. Despite new trade sanctions, North Korea's nuclear program continued. After a brief display of disarmament, U.S. scientist Siegfried Hecker was invited back to view North Korea's newly constructed nuclear facilities and centrifuges.

Kim Jong-un's Nuclear North Korea (08:59)

Jong-un's ascension to power in 2011 further intensified international tensions. Studies of recovered North Korean ballistic missiles and monitoring of seismic readings in the region reveal increasingly potent payloads. Experts offer suggestions for mitigating the risk posed by the growing North Korean nuclear arsenal.

How Did North Korea Build the Nuclear Bomb?: Credits (00:29)

How Did North Korea Build the Nuclear Bomb?: Credits

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Despite being one of the most isolated nations on earth, North Korea has secretly developed its nuclear arsenal. In this documentary, we investigate why North Korea wanted to build a nuclear bomb and how they did it.

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