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Stereotyping and Discrimination (03:24)


In a small Texan town, citizens observe blatant racial stereotyping (simulated) without lift a hand to help the victim who happens to wear a headscarf. Bystanders seem to approve of the illegal behavior of refusing service to a Muslim.

Social Injustice and Public Outrage (03:03)

People who exhibit prejudice often feel threatened by outsiders and outside forces. Other Americans target Muslim Americans as "the enemy." Perceived injustice weakens the "glue" that binds society together.

Bigotry and Citizen Intervention (02:58)

In an experiment in social justice and bigotry, some citizens rise up against injustices to defend the victims. Others stand by and do nothing. Muslim Americans stay indoors to avoid abusive behavior from bigots.

Bi-Racial Abuse and Public Intervention (02:51)

In a simulation of bi-racial abuse, a white male verbally abuses a black female. Women tend to rescue other abused women, whereas men tend to ignore the behavior.

Male and Female Intervention in Public Abuse Situations (05:28)

In an experiment, a black male verbally abuses and physically threatens a white female. How do passersby react? Women intervene more than men, who often do not wish to become involved.

Bigotry Against Overweight People (05:21)

When girls harass an overweight woman in a public place, what do passersby do? Most people stereotype overweight people as lazy, stupid, and responsible for their own conditions.

Courage to Confront Social Injustice (02:21)

Three young male actors simulate a verbally abusive attack on an overweight woman. Who will confront these bigoted teens? Most people walk by and do nothing to support the victim, but those who do intervene do it passionately.

Eyewitness Accounts of Crimes (03:30)

Eyewitnesses to a simulated crime later learn that they cannot identify the perpetrator in a line-up. Even those who are certain they know who committed the crime get it wrong 25% of the time.

Cross-Racial Eyewitness Accounts (05:55)

False identification leads to an innocent man's 21-year imprisonment. A DNA test frees him and reveals the real rapist. Cross-racial identification often leads to false accusations.

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Confronting Discrimination and Prejudice

Part of the Series : What Would You Do? Instinctive Reactions and What They Reveal
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Encourage students to explore biases and stereotypes with this group of ABC News segments. Each scenario puts actors into exchanges with unwitting bystanders, generating a wide range of responses—from overt hostility towards other races and cultures to acts of genuine compassion. Scenes include a bakery clerk’s refusal to serve a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf; cruelty towards an overweight woman seated on a boardwalk; a very public argument that threatens to become violent; and a purse-snatching in a crowded square, after which witnesses are asked to view a suspect lineup. Repeating the two latter situations, producers achieve varying reactions among onlookers by switching the races of the actors. (37 minutes)

Length: 37 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-60467-337-1

Copyright date: ©2008

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