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Gay Couples in South Africa (03:37)


In Cape Town, South Africa, gay couples find more acceptance after a 1994 law on post-Apartheid South Africa. One member of a gay couple works in an all-nude bar in Johannesburg.

Cape Town: Homosexual Haven (04:43)

Cape Town's gay population is expanding. The city is often compared to European and American cities such as New Orleans or San Francisco. After Apartheid, gays could come out without fear of ridicule or imprisonment.

Entertainment: Men in Drag (03:45)

Pre-Apartheid, homosexuals or men in drag were arrested and jailed. This segment features an entertainment review with men in drag performing. Some of them share their stories.

Gay Relationships, Gay Clubs (03:07)

A mixed-race gay couple in South Africa share their stories about gay relationships and gay clubs. Gays now experience the freedom to express themselves without fear of punishment and ridicule.

South Africa: Legislation Prohibits Discrimination (04:54)

Only South Africa has legislation prohibiting discrimination, which allows homosexuals certain rights. In 29 African countries, homosexuality is illegal, and punishment is often brutal.

African Sexual Practices and HIV/AIDS (02:30)

In Sub-Saharan Africa promiscuity is high, and as a result, 22 million Africans suffer from AIDS. The practice of "dry sex" multiplies a woman's risk of infection. Many African traditions favor masculine interests and needs to the detriment of women's health.

Female Sexual Mutilation in Africa (03:59)

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: A woman recalls her experience with complete excision of her clitoris and labia minora. It is a procedure forced on young girls to prevent their sexual pleasure.

Superstitions About Female Genital Mutilation (05:05)

Deeply embedded superstitions and cultural traditions about female excision keep the practice in place. Women often perform the excisions and speak in favor of it. Pain, infection, and disfigurement plague mutilation victims.

Female Prostitution in Ethiopia (04:06)

A prostitute frequents white areas of Addis Ababa. The sole objective of many of these "white hunters" is to marry a wealthy foreigner.

Prostitutes Seek Wealthy White Men (04:45)

Female prostitutes on the look-out for wealthy white men share their stories. A man with money can provide the girls and their families with all the security they need.

Game of Prostitution in Mali (06:20)

Prostitutes in Mali share their stories. Deeply religious women pray for forgiveness each time they are with a man. Prostitution if a game in which sometimes the women win and sometimes they lose. Most prostitutes prefer white customers.

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Sex in Africa: Perspectives on Sex-Related Concerns in Ethiopia, Mali, and South Africa

Part of the Series : The Call of Africa: The Voice of a Continent
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In Africa, views on sex vary widely from conservative to liberal and from traditional to progressive. Topics covered in this program include gay rights, protected under the law only in post-apartheid South Africa; the practices of female genital excision and “dry sexual intercourse”—each described in detail—as they relate to severe female health issues and the violation of a woman’s right to her own body; the practice of “dry sex” as it relates to the spread of HIV; and female prostitution as a means of subsistence—and, if a prostitute is fortunate enough to hook up with a wealthy foreigner, a chance for her and her family to escape poverty. Contains explicit language. Some content may be objectionable. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 49 minutes)

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