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San Francisco, CA (05:15)


Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar and lasts two weeks. Lion dances represent thousands of years of history. Artists discuss how they restore and repair the costumes.

Detroit, MI (03:45)

Diego Rivera depicts the creation of an automobile in a fresco entitled "Detroit Industry." Giving Pewabic pottery has been a Christmas tradition for over a century. Kevin Kwiatkowski and Alex Thullen describe how they make the 12 days tile series.

Pewabic Pottery (06:25)

After being challenged by Charles Lang Freer to create a blue iridescent glaze, Mary Chase Perry Stratton founded the pottery studio and ran it until 1961. Artisans describe how they form the pottery and fire it.

Chicago State University (03:21)

Carol Adams explains how the holiday is an African American celebration of self-affirmation. Learn about the traditional table settings for Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa Holiday (03:40)

Babatunde demonstrates how he carves kinaras. Malik Seneferu explains the holiday lasts seven days and each candle represents a principle. Artists build satchels as a gift.

The Arts and Craft Press (06:10)

Follow Yoshiko Yamamoto as she creates a special Winter Cardinals card for the holidays. Steps include a sketch, and producing a watercolor.

Winter Cardinals Card (03:16)

Yamamoto carves donarium, paints the block, cranks the press, and prints the card. The woodblock artist combines traditional Japanese techniques with modern innovations.

Motawi Tileworks (06:24)

Nawal Motawi created her tile company in her garage. Artists describe how they create ceramic tiles using a raised line technique. Yamamota describes why she enjoys collaborating with the company.

Celebrating Cultural Heritage (06:25)

Chinese helped build the railroad across the country. The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade has increased in size and scope from 150 years ago when it was founded. Dave Thomas and Stephanie Mufson create over 20 floats for the parade.

Paper Cut Artist (04:15)

Yumei Hou describes how she began creating Styrofoam sculptures for the parade. The staff begins lining up the floats for the year of the Ram celebration.

Final Preparations (03:54)

Mufson prepares the staff for potential issues. Watch excerpts from the Chinese New Year parade including a long red and gold dragon.

Credits: Craft in America: Celebration (00:59)

Credits: Craft in America: Celebration

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Celebration examines the role craft plays in our holiday customs, with a focus on our winter observances and the traditions that are handed down from one generation to another as well as new rituals that define the season.

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