Titles in this Series

Mainstream, USA

Item #: 151355

Island of Warriors

Item #: 151356

Our Private Idaho

Item #: 151357

Native American Boomtown

Item #: 151358

Politics of the New South

Item #: 151359

Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town

Item #: 151360

Surviving Year One

Item #: 151361

The New Mad Men

Item #: 151362

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America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa reveals how dramatic demographic changes are playing out in our country today. This is the first national series to explore the impact of the new American mainstream—the growing numbers of Asians, Latinos, African Americans, persons of mixed race, immigrants, women, youth, and LGBTs whose influence over culture, commerce, and the outcome of elections is affecting every aspect of contemporary life.

Length: 240 minutes

Item#: BVL151354

Copyright date: ©2014

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