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Introduction—The Talk: Race in America (03:14)


This video will examine what parents tell their children about being interrogated. Rosie Perez, Kenya Barris, Nas, and John Singleton describe how police can change lives and how the African American community has been raised to feel suspicious of law enforcement. (Credits)

Cleveland, Ohio (15:41)

Timothy Loehmann shot and killed Tamir Rice after a 911 caller informed the police officer the 12-year-old was pulling a gun out of his pants and pointing it at people. Abdul Kareem Henton organizes social justice reform rallies for Black Lives Matter; 33% of those shot and killed by police were unarmed black males in 2016. The City of Cleveland settled the Rice's lawsuit for $6 million dollars. (Credits)

Racial Profiling (00:60)

Perez believes the Latino community is treated differently on the west coast than the east.

Paramount—Los Angeles County, CA (15:53)

Oscar Ramirez Jr. was fatally shot on October 27th by Deputy Brian Moreno; 42% of those shot and killed by police in California in 2016 were of Hispanic origin. Tony Ostos manages GRIP, a non-profit organization to deter Latinos from joining gangs. (Credits)

Interrogated (01:20)

Nas describes how it is hard to discuss issues about police with someone who has never been questioned by law enforcement.

Chicago, Illinois (17:34)

Officers Michelle Morsi Murphy and Jose Lopez pointed weapons at Rev. Catherine Brown while her children were in the car. Brown claims the officers forced the door open, began to beat her, and arrested her for first degree murder. Police have all the power and citizens will not be believed; the Mayor appointed a task force, but the officers were never disciplined.

Traffic Stop (01:14)

Singleton was pulled over in Utah for driving erratically while attending the Sundance Film Festival.

Greenville, South Carolina (20:47)

A black teenager shot and killed Allen Jacobs and himself after Jacobs questioned the 17-year-old about a weapon purchase. At the Criminal Justice Academy, trainees study traffic stops, cultural diversity, and domestic violence complaints. Florence McCants attempts to expose student bias to make them better police officers. (Credits)

Social Viewpoint (00:56)

Barris recalls his son questioning the anger of protestors and trying to determine how best to respond.

Memphis, Tennessee (19:27)

The National Civil Rights Museum arranges a panel of individuals from the Ethics Project. Leah Gunning Francis recalls deciding to participate in "Parent 2 Parent" and describes how racism occurs across the country. Christi Griffin explains that false arrests, discrimination, segregation, and prejudicial behavior have contributed to African Americans' distrust of law enforcement. (Credits)

Soothing Children (01:10)

Singleton recalls how his three-year-old son threw rocks at a police car because he was afraid his father was going to go to jail.

Oakland, California (12:30)

Amir Abdul-Shakar works at a non-profit organization that teaches the benefits of healthy play. Nancy Abdul-Shakar helps youth offenders on probation. The married couple raises their child Zaire Abdul Shakar to be proud of his heritage and that no one is inherently good or evil. (Credits)

Social Problems (02:56)

Experts and Activists describe the ramifications of racism and law enforcement misconduct. Police officers should be seen as friends, not as foe.

Credits: The Talk: Race in America (01:05)

Credits: The Talk: Race in America

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The Talk: Race in America

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This film documents the increasingly common conversation taking place in homes across the country between parents of color and their children, especially sons, about how to behave if they are ever stopped by the police.

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