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"Wolf Hall": Esher Place (04:18)


Anne Boleyn and her uncle want Cardinal Wolsey moved further north away from the king. Thomas Cromwell advocates for the Cardinal's innocence. King Henry VIII refuses to listen.

"Wolf Hall": Austin Friars (06:21)

Gregory Cromwell returns home for the holidays. Cromwell worries that his son fears him. Thomas Wriothesley was sent to spy on Austin Friars; Cardinal Wolsey has been whipping himself.

"Wolf Hall": Audience with the King (04:35)

Cromwell offers to look into a case for Henry VIII. The king gives Cardinal Wolsey a thousand pounds to escape London. Rumors fly that Thomas Wyatt and Anne Boleyn were romantically involved when she was younger.

"Wolf Hall": Leaving London (03:13)

Wolsey explains that Anne must forgive him before he can resume his duties for the king and gives Cromwell a gift of thanks.

"Wolf Hall": At Mores Home (04:36)

More keeps a fool that suffered a traumatic brain injury. Steven Gardiner questions why Wriothesley spends so much time at Austin Friars.

"Wolf Hall": Wanting to Marry Cromwell (03:27)

Mary Boleyn flirts with Cromwell, warns him about Anne's intentions, and explains that she wants a husband that will anger her father and not die.

"Wolf Hall": Meeting with Anne (05:12)

The Duke of Norfolk describes Cromwell as a useful man to employ. Anne attests that she will marry Henry VIII and asks that Cromwell discover who wrote a note reviling her. Cardinal Wolsey has reached Suffolk and was greeted by admiring crowds.

"Wolf Hall": Return to Austin Friars (02:47)

Johane Williamson flirts with Cromwell. George Cavendish describes how Cardinal Wolsey held convocation without the King's approval.

"Wolf Hall": Gaining the King's Approval (05:37)

The Duke of Norfolk and Suffolk rebuke Cromwell for listening to their conversation. Cromwell will explore taxing the monasteries with the king's lawyers. Henry VIII confides that Anne is threatening to leave him because it is taking too long to obtain an annulment.

"Wolf Hall": Summoned to Greenwich (05:18)

Henry dreamed of his dead brother, Arthur. Cromwell explains that the dead brother appeared to support the King's efforts to break with the pope. Dr. Cranmer witnesses the exchange.

"Wolf Hall": Securing His Position (03:02)

Cromwell explains how he turned the Kings dream from a nightmare to a positive omen. Dr. Cranmer leaves to inform Anne. Cromwell and Johane begin a relationship

"Wolf Hall": Bad News (07:04)

Cromwell describes how he and the Portinari boys sold a fraudulent statue to the local Cardinal in Italy for a small fortune. George Cavendish explains how Henry Percy came for Wolsey. The Cardinal stopped eating and died.

"Wolf Hall": Royal Court (02:30)

Courtiers stage a play about the devil dragging Wolsey into hell. Cromwell swears an oath to become a member of King Henry VIII's Privy Council and promises to avenge the Cardinal.

Credits: Masterpiece Wolf Hall - Episode 2 (00:41)

Credits: Masterpiece Wolf Hall - Episode 2

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Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 2

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Cardinal Wolsey has been forced to move to York. Cromwell stays in London, seeking to return the Cardinal to the King’s favor. As Cromwell’s relationship with Henry deepens, there is unexpected news from the north.

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