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"Wolf Hall": Cardinal Wolsey Failed (04:11)


Henry VIII has petitioned the Pope for an annulment for two years without success. The Duke of Norfolk and Suffolk inform Cardinal Wolsey that he has been fired as Lord Chancellor. Thomas Cromwell explains that the Master of the Rolls must obtain the Great Seal in person.

"Wolf Hall": Wolsey Household Packs Up (01:57)

King Henry VIII reallocated the house to Anne Boleyn. Wolsey refuses to hear a negative word about the king.

"Wolf Hall": Cromwell Meets Wolsey (03:57)

Anne flirted and pledged herself to Henry Percy at a ball even though she was to be betrothed to another man. Cardinal Wolsey insists that her father get her to Ireland.

"Wolf Hall": Cromwell Family Home (03:56)

Cromwell tells his wife Elizabeth that he will work for Wolsey at Austin Friars. A Bible arrives that is written in English instead of Latin.

"Wolf Hall": York Place (04:02)

Wolsey describes how the King is sending him to Rome to obtain an annulment from the Pope. Cromwell believes Katherine of Aragon will fight against a divorce.

"Wolf Hall": Esher Place (04:35)

Wolsey prays for the king, Anne and Katherine of Aragon. Cromwell believes that Thomas Moore will become Lord Chancellor. Cromwell murdered someone while he lived abroad.

"Wolf Hall": Dinner Party (04:02)

Antonio Bonvisi introduces Eustace Chapuys. Moore rebukes Wolsey. Cromwell taunts the guests.

"Wolf Hall": News from Rome (02:06)

Roman Soldiers sacked Rome and took the Pope prisoner. Wolsey plans to travel to France to gather a group of Cardinals to rule on the King's annulment. Cromwell divulges that the King lusts after Anne.

"Wolf Hall": Family Life (03:59)

Elizabeth urges Cromwell to see his father. Anne Cromwell asks if she can marry his ward. Cromwell promises he is not going to France with Wolsey.

"Wolf Hall": Religious Revolution (07:24)

Men gather in secret to discuss Tyndale's Bible and Moore's desire to brand them Heretics. Cromwell returns to discover his wife has died of the sweating sickness and daughters are ill.

"Wolf Hall": Wolsey Returns (05:06)

Cardinals refused to meet Wolsey explaining it was too hot to travel south. The Lord Chancellor asks that an envoy come from Rome to rule on the king's marriage to Katherine of Aragon. Cromwell recalls how his father beat him.

"Wolf Hall": The Legatine Court (02:33)

Katherine defends herself at Blackfriars explaining that was a virgin when she married the king. Pope Clement signed a treaty with the emperor of Rome. The envoy will side with Katherine.

"Wolf Hall": Final Days of Wolsey (05:56)

Wolsey made a mistake by making Anne an enemy. Cromwell meets with Anne and advocates for Wolsey.

"Wolf Hall": Hanging Wolsey (04:47)

Cromwell must obtain a seat in Parliament to advocate for Wolsey. Thomas Boleyn demands that the Cardinal move further north.

"Wolf Hall": Meeting with the King (03:33)

Cromwell asks Henry for a hearing so Wolsey can present a defense. The King respects Cromwell's strategy about warring with France.

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 1 (00:41)

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 1

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Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 1

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Having failed to secure the annulment of the King’s marriage to Katherine of Aragon, Cardinal Wolsey is stripped of his powers. His hopes of returning to the King’s favor lie in the ever-loyal Thomas Cromwell.

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