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Fixing the Farm Bill (03:03)


Fewer people grow more food. During the Great Depression, the government implemented the Farm Bill. After World War II, innovative technologies industrialized small family farms and created Big Agriculture.

History of Agriculture in America (05:57)

Dan Imhoff and Tom Vilsack explain how the Founding Father's lived on large farms. President Abraham Lincoln implemented The People's Department, which is now known as the USDA. The Morrill and Homestead acts encouraged people to settle west and grow crops.

Farm Bill Created (02:37)

During the Great Depression, farmers needed to plant more food, but the price kept dropping. The Dust Bowl destroyed crops. Henry Wallace implemented programs so farmers would not be at the mercy of the market price.

Agriculture After WWII (02:13)

With the use of heavy machinery and petrochemicals, agriculture became industrialized and large scale. The Farm Bill began to favor Big Agra.

Breakfast Recipe (01:59)

Pre-cook an egg in its shell for 30 seconds before poaching. Imhoff demonstrates a meal using Romanesco cauliflower, arugula, fennel, and citrus.

Nutrition Assistance Programs (03:16)

Approximately 80% of the USDA's budget goes to the food stamp program. Only 4% is allocated for conservation programs, research, and organic production. Patty Lovera discusses why the Senate better addresses agriculture rural needs than the House of Representatives.

Farming For a Living (05:00)

Double Up Food Buck's program gives EBT payers in Michigan incentives to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Katherine Alvarado-Rivera demonstrates a dinner meal she makes for her family. Agriculture needs to be sustainable and the Farm Bill must change.

Credits: The U.S. of Agriculture, Episode 13 (00:30)

Credits: The U.S. of Agriculture, Episode 13

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The U.S. of Agriculture, Episode 13

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From the Founding Farmers to the modern Farm Bill, what has 200 years of progress brought to the table? More food at lower prices for sure, but also food fights over the environment, hunger, nutrition, and waste. In this closing episode of Food Forward, politicians, policy watchdogs and food experts take us on a personal tour through the history of food and agriculture in America.

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