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Mindless Eating (04:12)


Diets, fads, nutrition, scientists, and food companies compete for our attention. Dr. Brian Wansink studies eating behavior. After World War II the food supply became industrialized.

Eating Nutritiously (03:45)

Dr. Wansink advises dividing the grocery cart in half ensuring fruits and vegetables will be a priority. The Cornell food and Brand Lab studies how people react to different plate sizes.

Culinary Institute of America (05:36)

Howard "Corky" Clark tries to instill self-discipline in his students. Greg Steinhauer entered the Navy upon graduation. Frances Roth and Katharine Angell created the school to help veterans learn a profession.

Omega Institute (03:28)

The food program teaches farm to table cuisine. Steinhauer trains in the Hudson Valley.

Shopping Tips (06:58)

People trade cheap calories for nutrition. Dr. Wansink prefers to purchase frozen or canned vegetables due to price and convenience. Make a good marinade to mask cheap cuts of meat.

Credits: Food on the Brain, Episode 11 (00:30)

Credits: Food on the Brain, Episode 11

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Episode 11: Food on the Brain (Food Forward, Season 2)

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Explore the disconnect between the belly and the brain and America’s national eating disorder. A journey to Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab unveils the psychology of consumer habits and introduces viewers to simple tips and tricks for a healthier diet. We also take a journey up to the Hudson River Valley on a transformative journey of one Navy veteran who is reinventing himself through culinary arts.

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