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School Lunch in America (02:43)


Kids need to learn how healthy food can be fun. President Harry Truman created free lunches to ensure that young people would be fed. Betti Wiggins created a program for Detroit public schools after learning that 25% of all recruits who want to join the army were not accepted due to health issues.

Warrenton, North Carolina (03:35)

Food Corps teaches kids about nutrition and brings in farm fresh food for lunches. Most vegetables were frozen or canned in schools. At the chopping facility volunteers break down cabbages.

Encouraging Children to Eat Healthy (03:32)

Caroline Stover visits classrooms to make cooking healthy foods and farming fun. The class gives out free samples in the cafeteria. There are farm to school programs in 35 states.

Houston, Texas (05:54)

Recipe for Success teaches kids where food comes from and make it appetizing so they will eat healthier. Children harvest sweet potatoes and kale in a community garden and make a scramble.

Detroit, Michigan (08:01)

Wiggins explains how Detroit Public Schools provide free breakfasts, lunches, and suppers to students. At Drew Transition Center mentally and physically impaired adults maintain gardens and cook food.

Credits: School Lunch Revival, Episode 6 (00:51)

Credits: School Lunch Revival, Episode 6

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School Lunch Revival, Episode 6

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All public school kids have access to free or reduced-price lunch. But affordability doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for them. Detroit’s renegade lunch lady is not only serving kids healthy food, she’s got them growing it, too. Houston schools are joining a national movement with “seed to plate” classroom cooking and a new generation of service members is connecting farmers and schools.

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