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Not as Diverse (03:02)


Farmers describe their attempt at growing non-GMO seeds. Technology rather than Mother Nature creates our food. Genetically Modified Organisms have been partially banned in Europe and Asia.

Oskaloosa, Iowa (03:14)

Tyler Lorenzen researches seeds at World Food Processing. Jerry Lorenzen spent three years in Japan learning how to provide nutrients to crops. Scientists can create a better soybean by cross breeding species.

History of the USDA (02:27)

President Abraham Lincoln created the People's Department who took the seed program from the patent and trade office. In the 1960s American farmers stopped diversifying and produced monocrops. Emily Geertz alternates soybeans and Non-GMO corn.

Stockton, Iowa (05:44)

Keith Schlapkohl grows Non-GMO crops. Digging a root pit helps crops grow deeper to guard against drought. Geertz describes how she does not eat many of the items her crops are used for.

Seed Libraries (05:54)

Customers want to get to know their local farmers. Justine Hernandez works as a seed librarian at Pima County Public Library. The color on the label dictates how difficult the seed is to attain.

Community Outreach (03:14)

Hernandez demonstrates how to make seed bombs to local children.

Credits: Seeds of Change, Episode 3 (00:60)

Credits: Seeds of Change, Episode 3

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Seeds of Change, Episode 3

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Seeds represent hope, a new beginning. Amid battles over GMO crops and monocultures that dominate American farmlands, meet seed savers pursuing grassroots alternatives. From the dry deserts of Arizona to corn and soybean growers in Iowa and Illinois, genetic diversity does matter and the roots of change are taking hold.

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