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Bird Study (02:44)


Willem Lange discusses what draws people to bird watching. Sarah Zuccarelli teaches visitors in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire about birds.

Bird Communication (04:52)

Don Kroodsma, an authority on bird communication, has spent his career listening to birds. Kroodsma discusses the importance of recording birds.

Song Birds (03:47)

Song birds evolved special brain pathways and voice boxes in order to learn complex songs. Birds develop communication skills in the same manner as humans.

Bridging the Americas (07:23)

Bridging the Americas is a Smithsonian program which connects students in the United States with partner schools in Central and South America. Mary Deinlein helped form the program twenty years ago.

Ornithology in Schools (04:51)

See chimney swifts swarm a house in D.C. during migration. Parents of Brent Elementary School students talk about the benefits of the Bridging the Americas program.

Wildlife and Art (09:07)

Abraham Hunter paints various species of birds seen throughout Southern Illinois. Hunter is able to help conservation efforts through his artwork.

The Birdhouse Project (07:47)

Bob Gerson began observing birds during his prison sentence. Gerson helps other prisoners learn about birds and develop an affinity to nature and the freedom it represents. Gerson started a project where he and fellow inmates build birdhouses for migrating birds in the area.

Nicaragua: Bridging the Americas (15:08)

Teachers from the Bridging the Americas program visit partner schools in Nicaragua. They inspire students to take care of the native and migrating birds rather than kill them.

Credits: Bird Tales (00:41)

Credits: Bird Tales

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Why are people so devoted to birds? Meet a variety of bird enthusiasts, including a 16-year-old artist whose work features birds, a birdsong expert, children in Nicaragua and Washington, D.C. who are part of a migratory bird education and conservation program, and many others, all of whom share a passion for birds in their infinite variety.

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