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John F. Kennedy on Challenges of the 1960s in 1960 "Meet the Press" Interview (04:08)


The day after announcing his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nominee, Senator Kennedy discusses the role of the U.S. as the leader of the free world. He cites special challenges to the U.S. by China and the Soviet Union.

John F. Kennedy on Role of Vice-President in 1960 "Meet the Press" Interview (03:50)

Senator Kennedy explains why he will not accept the vice-presidential position for the Democratic ticket in 1960. The role of vice-president was too narrowly defined for Kennedy, who wanted to maximize his political contribution to the U.S.

John F. Kennedy on Running Against Richard Nixon in 1960 "Meet the Press" Interview (02:58)

Senator Kennedy cites his successful political career as the primary reason he will defeat Nixon for the presidency. Kennedy will run on a platform that outlines what challenges the U.S. faces in the 1960s.

John F. Kennedy on Presidential Primaries in 1960 "Meet the Press" Interview (05:28)

Senator Kennedy defends his position about which primary elections he will enter and the role of Hubert Humphrey as a presidential candidate.

John F. Kennedy on Political Tactics in 1960 "Meet the Press" Interview (03:36)

Senator Kennedy discusses political tactics vs. political issues. He discusses the Eisenhower presidency in the context of the special challenges of the 1960s. Kennedy criticizes Eisenhower's failure to keep up America's missile strength.

John F. Kennedy on Economic Assistance to India in 1960 "Meet the Press" Interview (02:21)

Senator Kennedy supports a strong foreign aid bill to support India rather than specific support for population reduction programs.

John F. Kennedy on Financial Issues and His Candidacy in 1960 "Meet the Press" Interview (02:52)

Senator Kennedy comments on whether he will make a financial disclosure to the public. He responds to questions about wealth and candidacy. Kennedy argues that all candidates must raise money according to the law.

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John F. Kennedy: January 3, 1960

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One day after announcing his candidacy for President in 1960, John F. Kennedy appeared on Meet the Press. In this edition, the Massachusetts Senator talks politics, including matters of campaign finance, the prospect of running against Richard Nixon, the role his Catholic faith might play in the campaign ahead, the historical importance of a Democratic Party win in the upcoming election, and his respectful but firm resolve to decline the Democratic nomination for Vice President if he is not nominated for President. Kennedy also touches upon the possibility of dying in office. Introduced by Tim Russert.

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