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Herbert Hoover on an Oversized Government in 1955 "Meet the Press" Interview (04:38)


Herbert Hoover's public service achievements are many and varied. He champions government re-organization, with an aim to relieve the government of some of its administrative burdens. He reviews two commissions that analyzed the size of government.

Herbert Hoover on Office of Vice-President in 1955 "Meet the Press" Interview (03:35)

Vice-presidents have certain Constitutional responsibilities, yet the role has expanded into policymaking, speechmaking, and much more. Hoover suggests a new position of administrative vice-president to be selected by the President.

Herbert Hoover on Power and Water in 1955 "Meet the Press" Interview (03:01)

Former President Herbert Hoover addresses the issues of government-controlled power and water distribution.

Herbert Hoover on Foreign Aid in 1955 "Meet the Press" Interview (01:29)

Hoover comments on the sharp division of opinion within the Commission on Foreign Aid. The former president denies White House involvement in the content of the Overseas Economic Report.

Herbert Hoover on the Expanded Role of Vice-President in 1955 "Meet the Press" Interview (03:27)

Hoover argues for giving the President increased powers to delegate powers in the fields of policymaking and public relations. These tasks would be given over to the vice-president, who would not, however, be able to delegate those powers to others.

Herbert Hoover on Civil Service Reform in 1955 "Meet the Press" Interview (02:34)

Hoover maintains that the current (1955) Civil Service system does not develop top executive and administrative abilities. Hoover's concept of a "senior" civil service would be non-political.

Herbert Hoover on Defense and Executive Recommendations in 1955 "Meet the Press" Interview (03:02)

Hoover discusses the "common use" activities of the Defense Department, such as food procurement. Hoover's reports on government reorganization produced over 400 government efficiency recommendations.

Herbert Hoover on Government Efficiency Reports in 1955 "Meet the Press" Interview (02:43)

Hoover stands behind the nineteen reports his bi-partisan commission produced with recommendations for government efficiency. Hoover comments on the vast amount of paperwork in government.

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Herbert Hoover: December 11, 1955

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Largely dismissed as a President, Herbert Hoover is remembered today as a humanitarian with progressive views and a deep belief in the necessity of efficient government. In this edition of Meet the Press, the 81-year-old Hoover smoothly handles the give-and-take with the panel as he discusses the work of the Hoover Commission and promotes his idea for a new Executive Branch office: the Administrative Vice-President, whose duty it would be to help operate the federal government-"the biggest business in the whole world." Introduced by Tim Russert.

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