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Green Building (04:41)


Construction and home building are important factors in the United States' economy. Green building is becoming more popular as the effects of harmful materials are better understood. Green building increases the efficiency of resources used and reduces the structure's impact.

Energy Efficient Homes (02:04)

Martha Rose owns a green home building company in Seattle. The homes use recycled materials and renewable resources instead of traditional building materials.

Urban Renewal (03:31)

Renewing urban sites for homes and building is a green building practice that protects natural landscapes. The practice allows for abandoned areas of cities to start being used again. Usable materials in the buildings are salvaged.

Green Living (02:11)

Replacing traditional light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs is an energy efficient practice that can be done in all homes. Fluorescent bulbs use less energy and cut down on electricity costs.

Large-scale Green Design (04:05)

Some cities and universities are using green building for large scale projects. Energy efficient building materials can cut down on long-term energy costs for public spaces. Creating a green roof can make pre-existing buildings more energy efficient.

Credits: Elements of Sustainability: Part 1 - Green Building (00:09)

Credits: Elements of Sustainability: Part 1 - Green Building

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Elements of Sustainability: Part 1 - Green Building

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Creating sustainable structures has become the goal of many citizens, architects, and government officials. This lesson shows how some cities have utilized the best practices available for green building and landscaping. It explores scientific innovations, supportive community action, and effective political reform behind the advances in green building practices.

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