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Vice-President Nixon in 1953 (02:19)


NBC host David Brinkley interviews Vice-President Nixon in 1953 about the role of vice-president. Nixon argues that his role has expanded.

Vice-President Nixon in 1960 at Republican National Convention (02:37)

Cameras catch Richard Nixon and his family at the 1960 Republican Convention where he gives his acceptance speech for Republican presidential candidate. He discusses his preparation for this speech, "the greatest challenge" of his career.

Richard Nixon: 1964 Commentary on the Republican Party (03:57)

After John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963, the GOP was out of power. In 1964, Richard Nixon discusses Barry Goldwater and the state of the Republican Party and his political aspirations, both state and national.

President Richard Nixon: On Prince Philip's Visit to Washington (02:31)

The Republican Party recovered itself in 1966, and Richard Nixon captured the presidential nomination in 1968. In a 1969 interview, President Nixon with Barbara Walters in the State dining room, Nixon discusses Prince Philip's visit.

President Richard Nixon: The War in Vietnam (03:40)

In July, 1970, the President sits with three network correspondents two months after deciding to bomb Cambodia. Nixon argues that all people have the right to choose their form of government. He addresses questions on his withdrawal formula.

Personality of Richard M. Nixon (03:50)

In a 1971 interview with Richard Nixon, John Chancellor attempts to discover the "inner Nixon." Nixon argues that he has gained experience in two years in office, and that he makes fewer mistakes because of his introspective abilities.

Private Side of President Richard Nixon: 1971 Interview with Barbara Walters (04:37)

In 1971, Barbara Walters attempts to get Nixon to open up on a personal level. Nixon talks about his wife Pat as a person and First Lady. Pat Nixon was reluctant to have her husband become in politics.

Image of President Richard Nixon: 1971 Interview with Barbara Walters (01:57)

Barbara Walters questions Nixon about his image as a stuffy, impersonal man. Nixon believes he is a very personable man, but one who understands his presidential job and his image in that job.

Richard Nixon on Foreign Policy (03:40)

Richard Nixon resigns in disgrace in the wake of the Watergate scandal, yet for the next 20 years, he works hard to rehabilitate himself. In 1986, 1988, and 1992 interviews, Nixon shares his views on foreign policy and communism.

Richard Nixon Under the Shadow of Watergate (04:16)

In 1990, Nixon reflects on his book, "In the Arena," in which he explains Watergate and his feelings about his involvement. He believes his book gives courage to other people who "lose something" and "want to come back."

Richard Nixon on His Wife Pat (01:02)

Bryant Gumbel questions Nixon's lack of using the word "love" when describing his relationship with Pat. He discusses his upbringing and his views on love.

Richard Nixon's Final Role in US History (02:11)

June 1992: Richard Nixon gives his final interview to NBC News. Speaking with Katie Couric, Nixon discusses his role as a "wise, elder statesman" in national and international affairs.

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Spanning 40 years, this program from NBC News reveals the many faces of Richard M. Nixon. Highlights from 12 exclusive interviews-some rare, some long-unseen-follow him from his early days as Vice President to Dwight D. Eisenhower, through his tumultuous presidency, to the years following his resignation, when he was eager to rehabilitate himself after the Watergate scandal. Hosted by Brian Williams.

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