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Inauguration Day: Hostages Released (03:05)


John Chancellor and Roger Mudd describe the events that will unfold during the inauguration of Ronald Reagan. At 11:35 A.M., Iran releases the 52 American hostages. George H.W. Bush is on stage with Mrs. Bush and Nancy Reagan.

President-Elect Ronald Reagan on Stage (03:03)

President-elect Reagan walks beneath the Capitol rotunda to the stage. Reagan is the first actor and first divorced man to be elected President. He is also the oldest President-elect.

Inauguration 1981: Marine Band and Soloist (04:04)

Senator Mark Hatfield presents the program to the crowds at Ronald Reagan's 1981 inauguration. With the Marine Band accompanying him, a U.S. Marine sings "America the Beautiful."

Invocation at Ronald Reagan's First Inauguration (03:54)

Rev. Donn Moomaw, Senior Pastor, Bel Air Presbyterian Church, presents the invocation.

1981 Inauguration: Oath of Office of Vice-President G.H.W. Bush (03:08)

Guests at Ronald Reagan's 1981 Inauguration acknowledge President and Mrs. Carter, and Vice-President and Mrs. Mondale. Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Honorable Potter Stewart administers the Oath of Office to the Vice-President Elect.

U.S. Marine Band: "God of Our Fathers" (03:56)

The United States Marine Band plays America's national hymn, "God of Our Fathers."

1981 Inauguration: Oath of Office of President Ronald Reagan (02:42)

Chief Justice of the United States, the Honorable Warren Burger administers the Oath of Office to Ronald Reagan, President-elect. Reagan receives a 21-gun salute.

January 20, 1981: Inaugural Address: Economic Hardships (04:28)

In his Inaugural Address, President Reagan speaks of the American economy, hardships on workers, creating debt for future generations, and Americans' capacity to take the right actions to make things better.

January 20, 1981: Inaugural Address: Size of Government (04:37)

President Reagan praises professionals, industrialists, shopkeepers, clerks, cabbies, and truck drivers, the "we the people," the breed called Americans. Reagan vows to curb size and influence of the Federal government.

January 20, 1981: Inaugural Address: National Renewal (03:56)

President Reagan promises an era of national renewal. He urges Americans to continue to dream and to have hope. He will propose removing the roadblocks that have slowed the economy and reduced productivity.

January 20, 1981: Inaugural Address: America's Freedom and National Security (03:35)

President Reagan vows to strengthen friendships with foreign nations, to preserve America's national security, and proposes that each Inaugural Day in future years be declared a day of prayer.

January 20, 1981: Inaugural Address: Resolve of American People (04:25)

President Reagan calls upon Americans to put forth "our best effort and our willingness to believe in ourselves and to believe in our capacity to perform great deeds" to resolve America's problems.

January 20, 1981: Close of the Inaugural Ceremony (06:56)

Rev. Donn Moomaw offers the Benediction, after which Juanita Booker sings "The Star-Spangled Banner." President and Nancy Reagan are presented to the people. Reagan announces the release of 44 American hostages held in Iran.

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January 20, 1981, marked the departure of Jimmy Carter from the White House and the end of a national trauma as the 52 Americans held hostage in Iran for 444 days were released from captivity. In this NBC News program, John Chancellor and Roger Mudd cover the inaugural ceremony of Ronald Reagan-and the beginning of the Reagan era.

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