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Vietnam War Overview and Fall of Saigon Press Conference (02:07)


NBC News anchor Jane Pauley recounts events which led the United States into the Vietnam War and describes the end of the war and the fall of Saigon. President Ford's press secretary announces the U.S. withdrawal from Saigon.

The American Evacuation of Saigon (02:57)

An NBC News broadcast from April 29, 1975 announces the evacuation of Americans from Saigon. Correspondents narrate historic news footage of the evacuation from Vietnam.

South Vietnam Surrenders to Communists (01:50)

An NBC News broadcast announces South Vietnam's unconditional surrender to the Viet Cong following the American evacuation from Saigon. Correspondents in Vietnam describe the situation.

Henry Kissinger Calls for American Unity as the Vietnam War Ends (02:53)

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger addresses the American people as the Vietnam War comes to an end. He appeals to Americans to heal wounds, avoid recriminations, and look to the future.

Paris Peace Accords and the Fall of Saigon (01:40)

Events following the Paris Peace Accords of 1973 contributed to the fall of Saigon in 1975. A news broadcast from 1975 details the agreements made in Paris, describes violations of those agreements, and assesses the impact of those violations.

South Vietnam Falls after American Troops Leave (02:07)

An NBC News report describes how South Vietnam fell, province by province, to the Viet Cong. Historic news footage documents final battles of the Vietnam War and long caravans of refugees searching for safety.

South Vietnamese Refugees Flee Viet Cong Troops (02:26)

As North Vietnamese troops advanced into South Vietnam, refugees fled by the thousands in search of safe havens that didn't exist. Historic news footage documents efforts to evacuate refugees.

David Brinkley Comments on the American Evacuation of Saigon (01:42)

In a broadcast from 1975, television journalist David Brinkley comments on the American evacuation from Saigon. He describes the frantic attempts of South Vietnamese people to leave with the Americans.

American Involvement in Vietnam's 30 Years War (02:10)

Fighting in what came to be known as the Vietnam War began in 1945 and continued for 30 years. A news broadcast from 1975 outlines American involvement in the war and comments on how the United States underestimated North Vietnam.

Television Documents the Vietnam War and the Fall of Saigon (07:42)

Vietnam was the first war widely broadcast on television, and graphic images of the war were seen in American living rooms nightly. Historic news footage documents events in Saigon and at the U.S. embassy as the American evacuation began.

Cameras Follow Evacuees from Saigon to the South China Sea (02:20)

News footage follows the evacuation of Americans and South Vietnamese refugees by helicopter from the American embassy in Saigon to U.S. Navy ships in the South China Sea. Cameras document the scuttling of Vietnamese choppers at sea.

David Brinkley Comments on the End of the Vietnam War (01:32)

In a broadcast from 1975, television journalist David Brinkley discusses the end of the Vietnam War. He comments on the American military industrial machine and on living in a world where there isn't a major war in progress.

President Ford Defends Decisions Regarding Saigon Evacuation (03:00)

A 1975 news broadcast addresses debate regarding the legality of using American troops to evacuate South Vietnamese nationals from Saigon. In a press conference, President Ford reacts to calls for a Congressional inquiry into the war.

Saigon's First Day Under Communist Rule (06:31)

Reporters who remained in Saigon after the American evacuation witnessed the Communist takeover of South Vietnam. Historic footage documents the last American chopper to leave Saigon and the arrival of North Vietnamese troops.

Cameraman Neil Davis Reflects on Vietnam Experiences (02:14)

NBC News cameraman Neil Davis shot historic news footage of the North Vietnamese takeover of Saigon in 1975. During an interview taped ten years later, Davis and two other journalists reflected on their experiences in Vietnam.

Journalist George Lewis Reflects on Vietnam War Experiences (05:36)

Journalist George Lewis covered the Vietnam War and American evacuation of Saigon. Twenty-five years later Lewis returned to Saigon, renamed Ho Chi Minh City, to reflect on his experiences in Vietnam and on his career as a war correspondent.

Lessons from the Vietnam War (02:32)

In 1975, commenting on the end of the Vietnam War, journalist David Brinkley challenged future American presidents to announce any plans for future wars from the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. Lessons from the war are explored.

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The end of the Vietnam War came abruptly on April 30, 1975, the day the American-supported government of South Vietnam collapsed and the capital, Saigon, fell to communist forces. This program presents those dramatic events as captured by an NBC News team on the scene, culminating in the exclusive footage of enemy tanks overrunning the presidential palace.

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