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Resignation of America's 37th President (04:17)


On August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon resigns the office of presidency, an event broadcast around the world. Archival film footage shows parts of Nixon's farewell speech in which he says that America's focus should be in peace and prosperity.

Nixon Resignation: Transition of Power (04:24)

Tom Brokaw of NBC News reports on the transition of power after President Nixon and family leave the White House. In the East Room, White House staff, members of the President's Cabinet, and personal friends applaud Nixon and family for the final time.

Richard Nixon's Final Appearance in the White House (03:56)

White House staff, Cabinet members, and friends give Nixon and his family a prolonged ovation on his final day in the White House. Nixon's address is his last public speech before departing from Washington, D.C.

People: The Heart of the White House (04:07)

In Nixon's final address to his White House staff, he talks about the "heart" of the White House as the people who serve there. He acknowledges his Cabinet members for their unselfish work.

Pride in Public Service (02:55)

Richard Nixon reminds those who served in government with him that they have much to be proud of. Nixon talks about his humble beginnings and praises the value of honest labor.

Richard Nixon Honors His Parents (04:56)

Nixon talks about the greatness of his father, though he was a common laborer. He calls his mother "a saint" whose love and dedication he honors. He reads a poem that Theodore Roosevelt wrote after the death of his daughter.

Richard Nixon on Adversity (04:59)

Nixon reminds the friends, staff, and his Cabinet members that life continues after great adversity. Each event marks a beginning as well as an end. Greatness, he asserts, can come from how people deal with adversity.

Mr. and Mrs. Nixon Board a Helicopter (03:25)

Mr. and Mrs. Nixon, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ford walk towards the helicopter that will carry the Nixon family to California. Nixon gives his final wave to the crowd.

Nixon Makes Final Departure (03:43)

As the crowd moves back from the helicopter in which Mr. and Mrs. Nixon are seated, the red carpet is rolled up. Julie Nixon Eisenhower and her husband wave, as does the crowd, as the helicopter lifts off.

Gerald Ford Addresses the Nation (03:28)

Richard Nixon's resignation and departure lifted a cloud that hung over the White House. Watergate was a Constitutional crisis and a national ordeal. Ford refers to "the long, national nightmare."

Gerald Ford: Oath of Office (03:05)

After his swearing in, Ford addresses the press corps with whom he has a good relationship. Ford begins to assemble his team, though he asks many White House administrators to remain in their positions.

Overview of President Nixon's Final Day in Office (03:03)

NBC's Tom Brokaw reports on Richard Nixon's last hours as President of the United States. Nixon, a man who prided himself on his self-control, had emotional moments in his last address to his staff. Nixon did not acknowledge the Watergate scandal.

Washington Political Scandals (03:42)

David Brinkley reflects on the final day of President Nixon. He shares his thoughts about what Gerald Ford called "the long, national nightmare." John Chancellor remarks on illegal and unethical activities both in and beyond the Nixon years.

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Facing the near certainty of impeachment by the House of Representatives and probable conviction by the Senate for his role in the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon resigned the presidency in disgrace on August 9, 1974. This NBC News program tracks the unfolding events throughout that difficult day, including Nixon's emotional farewell speech to his staff, shown in its entirety. Hosted by Jane Pauley.

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