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Robert Kennedy: Symbol of Hope in 1968 (05:58)


In the turmoil of 1968, Robert Kennedy is a controversial figure and a symbol of hope. On June 4, Kennedy wins the California presidential primary. He gives a victory speech to the crowds gathered in a ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel.

Reports that Robert Kennedy Is Injured (03:28)

June 5, 1968, 12:15 a.m.. Robert Kennedy, his wife, and entourage leave one ballroom to go to press conference, exiting through a service pantry. Television news commentators report that Kennedy has been shot and 4 people injured.

Aftermath of Robert Kennedy Shooting (05:53)

NBC news commentator Charles Quinn reports that Robert Kennedy is shot in the head but is still alive. NBC shows unedited film footage of the chaotic aftermath in the service pantry where Kennedy was shot. Close-ups of the wounded Kennedy.

Robert Kennedy Shooting Suspect in Custody (04:08)

NBC reports that Robert Kennedy is in surgery where doctors attempt to remove a bullet from his brain. LAPD were not in the hotel at the time of the shooting. Film footage shows authorities with a suspect and angry crowds screaming at him.

Robert Kennedy: Critical Condition after Shooting (03:25)

The shock of Robert Kennedy's shooting spreads around the world, though the certainty of his condition is unknown. In the two hours after the shooting, doctors describe Kennedy's condition as "very critical."

Twenty Hours after Assassination Attempt (05:08)

June 5, 1968: President Johnson speaks to the nation about Robert Kennedy. Twenty hours after the shooting, Kennedy's condition is "extremely critical as to life." Archival film footage shows the arrival of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Suspect in Robert Kennedy Shooting (02:26)

The suspect in the Kennedy shooting is a young man named Sirhan Bishara Sirhan. Information about the man's family and his life reveal little that suggests a motive for the assassination attempt.

Security for Robert Kennedy (02:32)

Robert Kennedy's determination to get close to the people made it particularly difficult to provide absolute security for the presidential candidate.

Eugene McCarthy Addresses the Nation (02:31)

Senator Eugene McCarthy receives special security detail after the Kennedy shooting. In his campaign headquarters staffers listen intently for news of Robert Kennedy's condition. McCarthy speaks to the nation and suspends all political activities.

Robert Kennedy on Issues of the Day (04:31)

Archival film footage shows Robert Kennedy and Sander Vanocur just prior to Kennedy's appearance in the ballroom on June 4, 1968. Kennedy talks about the need to change America's policies in Vietnam, and the disenfranchisement of the poor.

News Bulletin: Robert F. Kennedy Is Dead (03:11)

June 6, 1968, 1:59 a.m. Announcement: Robert F. Kennedy is dead. At the time of his death, his wife, sisters, and other family members were at his bedside. Kennedy was 42 years old. President Johnson and Richard Nixon address the nation.

Robert Kennedy's Body Transported to New York (03:35)

Robert Kennedy's body is taken aboard the plane that will carry him to New York. Family members accompany the body, as well as Jacqueline Kennedy and Coretta Scott King. Archival film footage shows the arrivals at La Guardia Airport.

Robert Kennedy Lies in State (03:52)

Archival film footage shows pallbearers carrying the casket of Robert Kennedy into St. Patrick's Cathedral. Relatives, friends, and thousands of people file past the coffin of the fallen senator.

Kennedy Family Pays Homage to Robert F. Kennedy (04:41)

June 7, 1968: St. Patrick's Cathedral fills with family, friends, and onlookers to pay homage to Robert F. Kennedy. Archival film footage focuses on Ethyl Kennedy and family.

Mass for Robert F. Kennedy (03:28)

Jacqueline Kennedy pays homage to Robert F. Kennedy as he lies in state in St. Patrick's Cathedral. A mass for the dead is in progress. Ethyl Kennedy returns at night to be with the body of her late husband.

Requiem Mass and Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy (05:50)

June 8, 1968: Requiem Mass for Robert F. Kennedy. Ted Kennedy gives the eulogy for his brother Robert.

Robert F. Kennedy: Journey by Train from New York to Washington, DC (03:19)

Thousands of people line the train tracks to honor the Robert F. Kennedy. The train journey from New York to Washington takes 8 hours. Mrs. Kennedy greets newsmen present in Washington, DC.

Robert F. Kennedy: Burial at Arlington National Cemetery (04:46)

At Arlington, the Kennedy family says its final farewells to Robert F. Kennedy. NBC's David Brinkley addresses the issue of violence. Archival film footage shows Robert F. Kennedy addressing the same topic in April 1968.

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Bobby Kennedy was shot to death on June 4, 1968-the very night he won the California presidential primary. This NBC News program, painstakingly assembled from newly restored footage, follows the story as it developed: the tragic events at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles; the funeral service at St. Patrick's Cathedral, with Edward Kennedy's moving eulogy; and the emotional journey by train from New York to Arlington National Cemetery.

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