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John F. Kennedy: 1951 Interview with Eleanor Roosevelt (02:32)


Eleanor Roosevelt hosts an interview with JFK, as shown in this archival film footage from 1951. Topics include the Middle East, oil, and Iran. In a 1952 interview, JFK talks about his race for the U.S. Senate.

John F. Kennedy: 1956 Television Interview on Dwight D. Eisenhower (04:00)

Archival film footage from a 1956 "Youth Wants to Know" shows JFK discussing the health of D.W. Eisenhower. He also discusses the vice-presidency and his wife Jacqueline.

John F. Kennedy: Rising Star in Democratic Party (05:37)

In 1957, JFK is nearly drafted as VP of the Democrat party and is a best-selling author of "Profiles in Courage." In a 1957 television interview, JFK answers questions about the influence of his religion on his politics.

John F. Kennedy: First Televised Debate in1960 (02:47)

In 1960, the first television presidential debate between JFK and Republican nominee Richard Nixon takes place. JFK discusses campaigning and influence of television with David Brinkley.

John F. Kennedy on Civil Rights in 1960: David Brinkley Interview (03:42)

The President should set the bar on imperatives to provide equal opportunities for people with unequal talents, motivation, and interests. JFK discusses President Eisenhower's level of support for Supreme Court decision on integration of schools.

John F. Kennedy Interview with Three Television Networks in 1962 (04:30)

Two months after the Cuban missile crisis, JFK gives a televised interview with three network representatives, including Sander Vanocur. He discusses the challenges and limitations of the office of President.

1963 John F. Kennedy on the Press and Cuban Missile Crisis (04:01)

JFK discusses the importance of staying in touch with journalistic commentary on the office of the presidency. He also discusses U.S. missile capability in the nuclear age.

Role of United States as Defender of Freedom (02:03)

JFK is proud of the role of the United States in wiping out Nazis in Germany and controlling spread of communism from the USSR.

1963: John F. Kennedy on South Vietnam (03:43)

September 9, 1963: NBC's final interview with JFK on the Huntley-Brinkley Report. Much of the conversation centered on growing US involvement in Vietnam. Huntley presses JFK on the issue of US acceptance of the Diem government of South Vietnam.

1963: John F. Kennedy on US Influence in Southeast Asia (03:44)

Huntley and Brinkley interview JFK in 1963 about the "domino theory" in Southeast Asia. JFK supports the theory and acts on his beliefs that communism is the greatest threat to freedom. JFK will not comment on CIA involvement in Vietnam.

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Drawing on rare, exclusive, and long-unseen interviews, this NBC News program tracks JFK over the course of his political career, from his years in Congress to his brief tenure as President-including a conversation with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley just weeks before his assassination. Hosted by Brian Williams.

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