Segments in this Video

Early Years in White House History (03:51)


Archival photographs and sketches accompany Jackie Kennedy's narration of the history of the President's house. In 1814, the British burn down the White House. The White House undergoes numerous changes.

White House: 1900 to 1950 (02:52)

As America grew, the White House grew to accommodate more offices. In 1924, Mrs. Coolidge redid the interior and added 18 rooms. Because of structural damage, a major renovation took place in 1948.

Redecoration of the White House: Acquisitions and Donors (03:35)

In 1962, Jackie Kennedy invites the American viewing public into the White House for a tour. She wanted the White House to have memories of the past, so she began to collect original pieces, paid for by donors.

White House: Diplomatic Reception Room (03:04)

In the White House diplomatic reception room, the walls are covered in French wallpaper printed in early 19th century, showing scenes of America. The furnishings are from the same period. Restoration and upholstery is done in the White House.

Evolution of the White House East Room (03:03)

The East Room became associated with grand events in the White House. Archival prints show receptions of dignitaries. A photograph from President Andrew Johnson's time shows the elaborate decorations.

White House: Model of the Best of Everything (02:42)

The Kennedys hosted famous musicians and artists in the White House. Jackie Kennedy asserts that "everything in the White House should be the best," including decor, artwork, and entertainment, to name a few.

White House Entryway and State Dining Room (04:23)

The main door off Pennsylvania Avenue is where the President greets visitors and dignitaries. Photographs show the corridor and the State Dining Room as they were in earlier times. Exquisite table decor includes gold Hermes utensils.

White House State Dining Room (03:01)

Three paintings hang in the dining room: Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Webster, and Abraham Lincoln. The room looks nearly the same as it did when Teddy Roosevelt redesigned the room in collaboration with Stanford White.

Paintings in the White House (02:25)

Jackie Kennedy set up a committee to acquire American paintings for the White House. These paintings include one of Benjamin Franklin painted from life in 1767, and one of Alexander Hamilton by John Trumbull.

White House State Rooms (03:30)

From the exterior of the White House on the south lawn, Mrs. Kennedy orients the viewers the rooms behind the windows: Blue Room, Red Room, Green Room. Mrs. Kennedy gives viewers a tour of the Red Room.

American Paintings in the White House (02:14)

The White House Red Room has a rich past, including being the site of Rutherford Hayes' swearing in ceremony. Mrs. Kennedy believes the White House should have a large collection of American paintings.

White House Blue Room (02:51)

Nearly everything in the Blue Room is from the time of President Monroe. The most formal room in the White House, the Blue Room is sometimes used for receiving lines. Mrs. Kennedy relates stories about special pieces of furniture.

White House Green Room (03:09)

The Green Room is reminiscent of what an American parlor would have looked like during the times of Adams and Jefferson. This room features a Daniel Webster sofa, a Baltimore lady's desk, and a mirror from Mount Vernon.

White House: Lincoln Room (05:37)

The Lincoln Room, once President Lincoln's cabinet room, is furnished with period pieces from Lincoln's time. A number of Presidents used Lincoln's bed as their own. A handwritten copy of the Gettysburg Address stands on a Victorian table.

Abraham Lincoln's White House Office (04:30)

Once Lincoln's office and Johnson's cabinet room, the room called the Monroe Room is cluttered with furniture and decor items that are not unified by period or president. Mrs. Kennedy will complete this room as part of her overall project.

President and Mrs. Kennedy in the White House (06:05)

President John F. Kennedy joins Mrs. Kennedy and comments on the re-decorating projects. He suggests that the White House will be a panorama of the American story. Sander Vanocur makes concluding statements.

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