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Explosions (02:18)


Explosions are rapid burns that break something apart. The amount of volume increases from solids and liquids becoming gases.

"Cannon" Demonstration (01:35)

Burning gun powder creates an expansion of gas that causes a projectile to shoot out of a gun or cannon. A detonator creates a greater force than gunpowder.

Burn Rate (01:33)

Gunpowder blackens a metal plate, but a detonator causes it to explode. The detonator has a much higher burn rate than gunpowder.

Detonators and Shockwaves (02:34)

In a detonator, wires are connected to an electric match which ignites and explodes the charge. The particles are pushed out and collide with surrounding ones.

Shockwaves and Temperature (02:22)

A shockwave compresses air bubbles in the explosive material and rapidly increases the temperature. Increases in pressure cause an increase in temperature.

Effects of Shockwaves (02:15)

Shockwaves from explosions can cause damage to structures and shatter windows miles away. Shockwaves can be useful in mining.

Investigating Materials (03:11)

Demolition experts need to know what it will take to break a material. A tensile stress test reveals what makes a small sample of a material fail.

The Area Under the Curve (01:36)

The area under the curve of a stress/strain graph shows the amount of work and volume needed to break a material.

Toughness (01:57)

Brittle materials have a small area under the curve of the stress/strain graph; tough materials have a large area. Materials that have a large plastic section give good warning they might break.

Using Explosives in Mining (01:21)

Mining engineers can set the necessary number of explosives when the know the toughness of the rock. A primer containing a detonator is lowered into a hole filled with gun powder.

Demolition Using Explosives (01:24)

Concrete is weaker in tension and easier to break from the inside. Holes are drilled into concrete and explosives are placed inside.

Credits: Forces, Materials, and Explosions (00:30)

Credits: Forces, Materials, and Explosions

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Presenting real an dramatic images, this program explores the forces released by explosions and their impact on materials. It identifies key features of explosions: rapid gas expansion and—with high explosives—shock waves. It also looks at the properties of structural materials, particularly their resistance to being broken apart. It shows how these properties can be measured and used to predict the material’s response to forces. It also shows applications of these ideas in the real world of mining and demolition.

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