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Brand Background (07:47)


Lee Nadler and John Immesoete discuss the elements that lead to a successful car. Nadler describes the history of MINI, and the challenge of keeping an old brand current. He explains the advantages of the car.

Advertising MINI for a New Generation (05:48)

Nadler explains how he communicates the legacy of MINI while introducing updates; he encourages the emotional connection people have with their cars. Nadler describes innovative ad campaigns which are inspired by this quality. MINI acknowledges the diverse needs people have today by investing in ride share companies.

Digital Advertising Approach (06:27)

Nadler describes MINI's social media strategy, which focuses on customer interaction and creativity. Digital tools allow customers to configure their cars and share about their experiences. Nadler argues that MINI is leading new ideas for urban environments by supporting entrepreneurs.

Learning from Customer Interactions (07:56)

Nadler describes the new opportunities MINI has to connect with people about their car experience and other interests. He views negative feedback as an opportunity to learn; gaining insight from data is his main challenge. Nadler argues that technology provides a channel for emotional connections, creativity, and evolution.

Early Career and Inspiration (08:59)

Nadler started his career in online marketing, and then moved to larger brands before creating his own consultancy firm. Sherpa Marketing was inspired by his time in the Himalayas, where he learned about the Sherpa lifestyle and philosophy. He writes a blog about these lessons, including interviews with Sherpas.

Philosophy for Personal Success (04:50)

Immesoete and Nadler discuss principles for success, including a sense of calm. Nadler describes his meditation practice that focuses on greater awareness instead of goal-attainment. Immesoete agrees that in advertising it is better to enjoy the process than hope for the award.

Definition of Success (07:06)

Nadler discusses the lessons of the Sherpa: he tries to be aware and enjoy the present. He argues that people should have a vision for their lives but not get overwhelmed by the environment of achievement, or by other's opinions.

Credits: A Conversation With Lee Nadler: Conversations with Giants (00:30)

Credits: A Conversation With Lee Nadler: Conversations with Giants

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Lee Nadler knows cars, which makes sense since he is the marketing communications and launch manager for MINI. John’s visit with Lee covers the ins and outs of marketing for such an iconic brand. Plus, how thinking like a Sherpa can help you in life, career, and even marketing. Read more on Lee's blog,

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