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Early Career and Multicultural Business (07:34)


Monique Nelson describes the approach of a multicultural ad agency; her company UniWorld is culturally aware and attuned to customer motivation. She explains how the idea of diversity has expanded to include many different groups. After studying human and organization development, she worked in sales, marketing, and then advertising.

Multicultural Experience and Relevance (08:19)

Nelson discusses her role at Motorola, and how she gained a global perspective through creating campaigns for diverse cultures. John Immesoete suggests that the lack of content and role models for marginalized groups in the media makes it hard for those people to enter many industries. Nelson agrees that it is an important time for multicultural agencies to stand up against any kind of discrimination.

Ad Agencies' Role in Social Awareness (05:52)

Nelson argues that the advertising industry is as sexist and racist as the consumers. Agencies need to be aware of social issues, inform clients in navigating them, and present brands in a human way. Nelson suggests that some brands have the power to facilitate conversations about important social problems.

Addressing Barriers to Diversity (07:17)

Immesoete speculates that it still is difficult for underprivileged people to enter the advertising industry, but salaries have not risen in 15 years. Nelson argues that agencies need new ways of finding talent, and they should look for transferable skills. Nelson and Immesoete discuss methods for attaining diversity and balancing efficiency with effectiveness

Mindset Changes in the Advertising Industry (07:09)

Immesoete and Nelson discuss the need for entrepreneurial energy in the advertising business. Nelson explains that millennials have a unique idealism, so they are not willing to take traditional steps to reach a goal, and they need greater purpose in their work. Though diversity has improved, Nelson argues that agencies need to prioritize multicultural hiring.

Failures and Success (03:14)

Nelson explains that failure is an everyday occurrence, and she makes sure everyone in her company is comfortable with it. She sees herself as a success because she is a proud parent, leading a strong company, and she loves her work.

Credits: A Conversation With Monique Nelson: Conversations with Giants (00:30)

Credits: A Conversation With Monique Nelson: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Monique Nelson: Conversations with Giants

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John Immesoete visits with Monique Nelson, CEO of multicultural ad agency, UniWorld Group. With clients like Ford, The Home Depot, and the U.S. Marines, her experience as a leader in advertising (not to mention as a well-traveled equestrian) is sure to illuminate.

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