Segments in this Video

Job Interview Techniques: Punctuality and Dress (03:03)


Like other job applicants, ex-offenders must arrive on time to their interview and dress appropriately for a particular work situation.

Job Interview Techniques: Personal Appearance (01:40)

A job applicant's clothes must be clean, pressed, and neat. Buttons should be buttoned. The overall appearance should express professionalism and preparedness.

Job Interview Techniques: Poise and Attitude (01:14)

Job applicants must maintain a positive attitude, make eye contact, and speak with sincerity in their job interview. Handshakes establish instant relationships. Applicants should stay focused on the interviewer and not on anything else.

Job Interview Techniques: Body Language and Listening Skills (02:20)

Job interviewers look for appropriate body language that expresses attention and interest. They want direct answers to their questions, no matter how tough the questions are. Every interview response should end on a positive note.

Job Interview Techniques: Honesty About Criminal Activities (03:27)

In job interviews, ex-offenders must be up-front about their past, their crime, their incarceration--and more importantly, what they have done since their release.

Job Interview Techniques: How to Talk About Criminal Past (03:22)

This segment provides a script for applicants to answer questions about their past. They learn to use simple sentences and avoid lengthy explanations, and to convey remorse and regret for their illegal choices.

Job Interview Techniques: Negatives Into Positives (02:07)

Ex-offenders learn that the most important information they can convey about their past is to express the positive changes they have made in their lives. Ex-offenders practice the interview process.

Job Interview Techniques: Honesty and Simplicity (01:14)

Because applicants cannot anticipate every question a prospective employer will ask, they must be prepared to answer all the questions simply and honestly. No answer is wrong unless it is a lie.

Pro-Active Job Search (01:12)

Ex-offenders offer advice to prospective job seekers. They must be pro-active and persistent in their search, positive in attitude, patient about the prospects, and optimistic about their chances of getting hired.

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The Job Interview

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What mistakes do ex-offenders commonly make during a job interview? This program is designed to help prepare job candidates to make the most of their meetings with prospective employers. Topics in this thorough job-hunting tool include dressing for success, using body language to convey positive messages, clearly articulating pertinent skills and abilities, coping with difficult questions, and negotiating salary and benefits. Featured experts include Linda Manson, Jason Cosley, and Janet Ginzberg. A Cambridge Educational Production. (22 minutes)

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