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Re-Entry Programs for Ex-Offenders (03:32)


Ex-offenders find it difficult to move from the sheltered world of incarceration to the ever-changing world outside. They benefit from a "Re-Entry and Life Skills" workshop.

Ex-Offenders: From Shelter to the World Outside (03:51)

The world outside of jail is full of new technology and is faster-paced. Breaking the cycle of crime and punishment takes determination and re-entry skills. It is essential to break bad connections from the past.

Ex-Offenders and Setting Goals (03:58)

Setting new short- and long-term life goals is important for ex-offenders. Goals must be specific, personalized, and realistic. Ex-offenders learn the importance of making a plan and sticking to it, and the necessity of finding a support network.

Essential Skills for Finding Jobs (03:52)

For ex-offenders, finding a job is a full-time job in itself. In a post-9/11 world, all job applicants must have valid I.D. Ex-offenders learn the importance of networking to find jobs.

Ex-Offenders: Employment Agencies and Internet (05:35)

Employment agencies are effective and efficient means for ex-offenders to find jobs. Another important means of job searching, especially in smaller companies, is "pounding the pavement." The Internet is a big source of job information.

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Finding a Job

Part of the Series : From Parole to Payroll: A Process of Persistence
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This program examines the many job-hunting methods available to those seeking employment, with specific tips and pointers directed to ex-offenders entering the workforce. Interviews with employment specialists, ex-offender service providers, and employed ex-offenders provide suggestions on the best and quickest ways to find work—and get ahead. Job search methods covered include want ads, employment services, networking, information interviewing, and using the Internet and the yellow pages. Featured experts include Linda Manson, Pamela Superville, and Ray Jones. A Cambridge Educational Production. (23 minutes)

Length: 23 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-4213-9011-6

Copyright date: ©2008

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