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Rehabilitation Based on Community and Work (07:33)


San Patrignano is an unconventional drug rehabilitation center in Italy where the focus is on communication, work, and community rather than healing with medication. People may arrive with no sense of self-worth, and they are assigned a mentor and work group.

Mentoring and Purposeful Work (08:11)

To enter San Patrignano, drug addicts must be off drugs for three weeks, but this is a challenge—many want to be alone at first and suffer from stress and cravings, so mentors are always there to check on and support them. The center covers costs with donations and the sale of products and services; Francesco works in the vineyards, and Michela works in the medical center. Luigi describes his struggle through loss and addiction, revealing the unique approach of the center.

Personal Stories and Positive Relationships (07:15)

Marcello, a former resident, coaches the football team; they play matches with teams from the outside world, and often get taunted. Michela and Francesco describe their experiences with drug addiction and overdosing. Agostino is a newcomer who came from living on the streets; now the full day of work and positive communication is helping him understand and engage with the community.

Muccioli Challenge (07:14)

San Patrignano is also a horse breeding center; Vincenzo Muccioli believed that working with animals teaches people gentleness, awareness, and a set of skills. Residents help put on an internationally-viewed outdoor horse jumping event. While working at the event, Agostino gets in an argument with his mentor, Cesco, and Luigi explains that Agostino is struggling to not relapse.

Grape Harvest (08:03)

Francesco prepares to leave, but wonders if his family will appreciate his work and change. Andrew worries about having to go to prison when he leaves; Patrick Maisonneuve explains that prison offers access to drugs and risk of relapse. Everyone at San Patrignano helps with the grape harvest, and Andrea Muccioli describes the special approach and success of the place, despite being a free program.

WeFree and the Recovery Process (07:49)

San Patrignano holds an annual prevention outreach event, which around 2,000 students attend, along with celebrities who share stories and support the program. Cesco participates in the event but is going through a difficult period after a theft. Michela and Francesco prepare to leave together and receive an honorary gathering and many blessings.

Loss and Progress (03:34)

Andrew’s parents come to visit him at San Patrignano; they do not talk much, but later write about how proud they are. Luigi has lost several loved ones and regrets not showing them more appreciation and presence; now he has pride and gratitude in his work and place in the world. Andrea Muccioli explains how each resident, when ready, builds a new structure around striving to excel and be part of the beautiful environment, which give the program credibility.

Credits: Vivo: Best Drug Is Life (00:47)

Credits: Vivo: Best Drug Is Life

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An in-depth look at the community of San Patrignano, the largest drug rehabilitation and detox center in the world. This center, located near Bologna in Italy, boasts a 2,000-person capacity and has been offering its four-year therapeutic program free of cost since its inception in 1978. The center’s extraordinary success rate is a result of its unwillingness to consider addiction as an illness and its non-classical therapeutic approach that aims to eliminate dependence without drug substitution. This film follows the lives of five community residents in particular, each from different countries, as they recount their journey of struggle and hope.

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