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Growing Old (04:26)


In the developed world there has been a massive increase in people living alone, and this includes senior citizens; social innovators hope to conquer old age instead of suffering through life’s last stage. Sociologists, business people, advertising professionals, and senior citizens discuss this recent phenomenon of the "solo senior."

Elderly Singles (07:42)

Linda hopes to live independently for as long as her health allows; she was single her entire life and enjoys living a solo-lifestyle. Sociologists believe society is moving into a new age of identities where everyone is allowed to create their own identity outside of the traditional family structure.

Japanese Robotics (06:15)

In Fukuoka, Japan, 40% of the population is over age 65, and with this aging population, the city has turned to advanced technology to solve problems the elderly may face. Robotics is one of the city's main strengths, and Tsutomu Hasegawa of Kyushu University hopes to develop specialized companion robots for the elderly.

Sociology and Old Age (10:20)

Sylvie Fabregon works with an advertising agency that focuses on including healthy and attractive elderly people in their advertisements to promote a healthy outlook on aging. Sociologists discuss the cycles of existence which carry people into new stages and activities throughout their lives. An elderly woman runs a meal sharing program which promotes community within her town.

Future of Society (07:58)

Sociologist Richard Lefrancois says throughout the world societies will have to adapt and create major changes due to the challenges presented by the increasing number of elderly people. The winners of an innovative European housing competition discuss the unique community they planned; in the neighborhood, elderly people and university students would reside together in a diverse community.

Communal Living (06:54)

Following architect Kerstin Karnekull’s divorce, she moved into a collective home; this housing collective is called Fardknappen and residents from age forty-five to ninety-five. The residents share meals and other community obligations which take some of the stress out of living alone.

Future of Robotics (05:40)

Mitsuhiro Nozoe explains his robots are designed to be companions to the elderly and to become part of their family; an AI robot with the language skills of a five-year-old child is shown interacting with an elderly woman. The Robotown Project was built on an artificial island in the city of Fukuoka; here the co-habitation of humans and robots designed for the domestic market will be tested.

Credits: Solo Senior (01:35)

Credits: Solo Senior

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Never before in the history of human civilization are so many people living alone—either by choice or not—and nowhere is this more evident than with our senior citizens. Time stretches in front of them, and they are well aware of this. They are more physically fit, better off financially, and better educated than past generations. Their bodies are more flexible, their minds are sharper, and technology in all its forms is out there to help them live longer on their own. Filmed in Quebec, France, Sweden, and Japan, this film introduces Edna, Fernand, Yvon, Tornsten, Eva, and Yukie, who happily discuss their strategies for living on their own, their health, their relationships, their work—things that before were taken for granted and now are being re-examined. How is our society readying itself for this tsunami of seniors? Are you ready?

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