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Mission to Save Girls (03:43)


Female infanticide is shifting earlier with prenatal technology. Villagers gather to hear Jadugar Samrat and Mohammad Wasim Khan, who use entertainment to address selective sex abortion and the declining sex ratio.

Let Girls Be Born Campaign (02:40)

India's 2011 census showed 914 girls to every 1,000 boys from newborns to six year olds. Plan India launched a campaign with partner organization Vatsalya, stressing equal rights to life. Veneeta, 20, believes women deserve respect and has career plans.

Hostility Toward Females (02:36)

Dr. Neelam Singh founded Vatsalya, an organization dedicated to equal birth rights for girls. A new father celebrates his son's arrival; mothers bearing daughters are often subjected to violence and discrimination.

Ultrasound and Cultural Norms (04:20)

Diagnostic machines allow parents to determine fetal sex results; 2,000 female fetuses are terminated daily in India. Parents must pay dowries for daughters and sons often support parents until death. India's low sex ratio is leading to men trafficking women as brides and sex slaves.

India's Skewed Sex Ratio (04:49)

Hari Yadav is considered unmarriageable at 24; a lack of women forces many men into bachelorhood. Bride purchasing is legal in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan; girls from other states are abducted and sold to middle aged men.

Empower People (03:17)

The organization estimates that Haryana has 45,000 trafficked girls in a modern slavery industry. Salma was sold multiple times after being promised an education and better life. She suffered abuse by various husbands and has seven children.

Helping Trafficked Women (04:49)

Empower People has registered 450 women with identity cards since 2006. The organization teaches them livelihood skills. Former trafficked bride and Mewat office manager Gausiya Khan risks her life to help others. In 2011, "Baby Seven Billion" was born a girl.

Baby Seven Billion Initiative (04:56)

Plan India considered Uttar Pradesh as the likeliest place for the world population's symbolic milestone. Nargis' birth brought attention to girls' survival rights. Eminent women sponsor her and six other girls.

Gender Equality Outreach (05:49)

Singh drives to remote villages to consult with women on barriers to eliminate sex discrimination. She plays gender neutral games with girls and boys and trains girls to champion survival rights. Social and cultural norms limit educated women.

Addressing Gender Discrimination (04:25)

Inequality and violence is a reality to many women in India. Gender specialist Veena Rana discusses the caste system and cultural challenges. She gives presentations in Haryana schools with ActionAid India.

Hope through Education (02:48)

There are only 768 girls to 1,000 boys in Budhana Village. Ravina, 8, has the chance to study until 18 at a government school that rewards female graduates with cash. The campaign is easing female feticide.

Our Daughters, Our World Scheme (03:58)

Students from an all-girls high school in Budhana Village take their final exam. Indians have worshiped goddesses like Durga for centuries, but women are treated like second class citizens in society. Women and girls celebrate the Holy Festival on International Women's Day in 2012.

Credits: Missing Millions (00:43)

Credits: Missing Millions

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Today, we see India as a rising economy and powerhouse set to compete with giants such as the U.S.A. and China. However, beneath this potential and growth lies a pertinent problem yet to be properly addressed: the sex ratio imbalance. This is the direct consequence of bride trafficking, female feticide, and excess female mortality after birth—issues that most of us do not encounter in our daily lives, yet so crucial and persistent in India. Both heart-wrenching and inspiring, Missing Millions seeks to educate viewers on why the girls in India should be respectfully regarded, as well as how they are the key driving force behind India’s growth in the near future.

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