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Riots Erupt in Indonesia (03:40)


Patrick Schein describes "Ruskin's Paradox." In November 2006, Sulawesi villagers protest a gold mine being developed in Toka Tindung. A standoff ensues for the next three years. (Credits)

Gold Mine Ramifications (04:24)

Katerin Weise describes the negative effects the mine will have on tourism, agriculture, and the fish industry. The mines plan to dump toxic waste a mile and a half from the coast. Oceanographers argued the food chain would be disrupted.

Epidemiological and Environmental Effets (02:35)

In Buyat Bay, authorities closed a large-scale gold mine because of negative effects on the environment. Epidemics of skin and neurological diseases erupted, causing relocations.

Gold Prices and Economy (02:35)

The U.S. Federal Reserve announced its intention to finance $600 billion to support economic growth. Learn how representatives from the four houses set the price of gold daily with Nathan Mayor Rothschild.

Mining in North Sulawesi (02:35)

A mining company rebuilt the control station and created roads. Authorities forbid the film crew to shoot at Toka Tindung. Archipelago Resources decided on an extraction process that includes using cyanide.

Corruption in Indonesia (03:24)

People's Alliance Executive Director Revoldi Koleangan leads a protest in Manado. The Governor of North Sulawesi announces opposition to the gold mine.

Gold in France (03:27)

The French government owns between 3,000-5,000 tons of gold. Simone Wapler describes the evolution of collecting gold. The Bretton Woods agreement fixed gold prices according to a standard; the recent increase is due to the loss of trust in currency.

Environmental Concerns (01:37)

The Indonesian Environmental Minister rejects the initial plan set for by Archipelago Resources to dump tailings into the sea. Volcanic activity occurs regularly in Indonesia, making storing toxic particles on land difficult. The Tangkoko National Park is close to the mine and home to several endangered species.

Rajawali Partners With Archipelago (05:05)

The French banks withdrew their shares. The governor stops protests about mining after Peter Sondakh buys into Archipelago Resources. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2011. The World Gold Council observes the fluctuations in the gold market.

Gold Reserves (05:56)

The United States Reserve keeps 8,000 tons of gold in its repository. Gold reserves in mines are diminishing. Salsigne closed in 2004 due to diminishing returns and pollution.

Local Gold Businesses (02:17)

Gold companies prefer countries with weak environmental regulation, less constraining regulation, and cheaper manpower. Indonesians start mining gold around the deposit. Schein extols the benefits of artisanal gold mines.

Santa Filomena Gold Mine (09:19)

Miners are part of a co-op and own the mine in Peru. The women work outside the mine gathering gold rack. Sotrami provides health care, excellent pay, and social protection.

Environmental Problematic: Antwerp, Belgium (04:57)

The Umicore plant recycles gold from electronics and jewelry. Artisans create ingots which are not necessarily "clean." Experts weigh in on the fate of Toka Tindung and the gold market.

Credits: Golden Gold (00:32)

Credits: Golden Gold

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Economic turmoil has given new life to gold as the thirst for this metal seems inextinguishable. Indeed, this infatuation is a cause of unintended consequences worldwide. For instance, gold fever among the London bankers endangers an Indonesian tropical paradise and its development model based on the preservation of nature and traditional activities. This edifying investigation draws a parallel between the setup of the gold market controlled by a handful of financiers and the unexpected effects of speculation in Indonesia, Europe, and Peru.

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