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Near Death Experiences (03:08)


Men and women share their NDE stories. Science, philosophy, and religion try to answer what happens after humans die.

After Life (04:07)

People want to know what happens to their loved ones. Olivier Estiez describes his NDE. Michele Lazes describes the light that engulfed her.

Studying NDEs (03:48)

The NOESIS Center collects experiences and helps those who need counseling after an NDE. Dr. Raymond Moody first studied accounts in the 1970s. Phases of an NDE include: leaving the body, a tunnel, going into a light, seeing others, and being transformed.

Religion and NDEs (02:48)

Hieronymus Bosch depicted an NDE in a painting that resides at the Doge Palace in Venice. Saint Bede the Venerable describes the phenomenon in "The Ecclesiastical History of the English People."

Creating NDE Theories (02:10)

Scientists study neurological syndromes associated with diverse multi-sensory perceptions at the Federal Polytechnic in Lausanne. The brain is subject to metabolic dysfunction due to lack of oxygen at the time of death. Dr. Olaf Blanke induced an NDE in a patient with epilepsy.

NDE Value (03:42)

Dr. Eric Dudoit describes the therapeutic value of experiencing an NDE. Henri Curt explains how he accepted that his wife saw his brother in the afterlife.

Less Common NDEs (04:46)

People can experience NDEs during great psychological or emotional trauma. Marino Restrepo converted to Catholicism after being kidnapped by the FARC. Elisabeth Dethiollaz describes a negative, hellish, and meaningless NDE.

Divine Judgment (04:17)

Elisabeth Curt and Michele Lazes describe feeling serene and peaceful. Restrepo felt a deep spiritual pain and weighed down by his sins. Dethiollaz explains that an individual judges their past actions in an NDE.

Theology and NDEs (08:07)

Arnaud Dumouch believes an NDE is when Jesus Christ comes for a person. Pain cannot make humans to turn to God as logic may be impaired. The Catholic Church granted Deumouch's book an imprimatur.

Heaven and Hell (05:00)

NDEs do not reveal the soul's destination. Priests describe Heaven as a communion with God in Paradise and Hell as a place without God.

Purgatory (04:30)

Although portrayed as a negative thing in literature, purgatory is a place where souls can purify themselves to commune with God. Perpetua saw her brother leave purgatory.

Life After a NDE (03:12)

Individuals describe how their life has changed since experiencing an NDE. Leonard believes God will welcome him to the kingdom of heaven.

Credits: The Common Lot (01:17)

Credits: The Common Lot

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Light at the end of a tunnel, dear ones greeting us, a feeling of eternal well-being… More and more people who have returned from death’s door claim they have experienced a near-death experience. Given their similarities with certain ideas of the Christian faith, the Catholic Church is in the witness box. What do these NDEs mean? Do they confirm or contradict the Christian faith? Should we take a fresh look at our notions of judgment, hell, purgatory, and paradise? Witnesses, scientists, and clerics give their views and lift a corner of the veil. A film to watch in order to see farther…and clearer.

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