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Honor Killings (04:21)


Ani King-Underwood investigates the persistence of a tradition of honor killings in Turkey. Approximately 5,000 women are murdered for every year by male family members in the name of honor. Turkey created a Parliamentary Commission to investigate this practice.

Social Pressure in Turkey (04:56)

After becoming a secular republic in the 1920s, Turkey outlawed polygamy, and in 2001, courts gave women equal rights in marriage and property ownership. Journalist Ayse Onal interviewed convicted honor killers, who reported an intense social pressure to maintain family honor. Ibrahim Cakar was charged with killing his daughter Yasemin in an honor killing.

Laws Against Honor Killings (04:00)

Yasemin was buried in Urfa by a group of women. Many young girls are killed for men's honor as a result of a feudal system. Turkey aspires to enter the EU and has strengthened sentencing laws for honor killings. There has been a rise in suicides, which Emel Armutcu confirms are disguised murders.

Suicide Among Young Women (04:23)

In Batman, suicides of women doubled in 2007. Murat Balgir has attempted to make a film about the suicides, but struggled to gain information; he made a fiction film to expose the practice of forced suicide. It is nearly impossible to gain accurate data about the suicides, because people will not speak against their families.

Ending Honor Killing (03:21)

At a vocational training center, women learn about their rights. Onal argues the only way to end honor killing is to change cultural codes. King-Underwood travels with Suzen Isbilen to Yasemin's grave, but they cannot find its precise location.

Credits: Turkey: Killing in the Name of Honor (01:11)

Credits: Turkey: Killing in the Name of Honor

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Turkey: Killing in the Name of Honor

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Turkey is cracking down on "honor killing," making life imprisonment a mandatory sentence. Killing female family members in the name of honor for an injury to the family's standing is a crime emanating from centuries'-old traditions. The problem is of such concern to the Turkish government that in 2006 it set up a Parliamentary Investigative Commission. We discover there is disturbing evidence that tougher sentencing is leading to an increase in forced suicides. Nimet Cubukcu, State Minister of Women and Family Affairs, tells us: "Every suicide must be investigated carefully as if it is a potential murder." According to UNFPA, as many as 5,000 women a year, worldwide, are murdered in the name of honor.

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