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Introduction— Colombia: Justice in the Region of Death (03:28)


One in three women experiences domestic violence during their lifetime. One woman dies daily in Bolivar due to civil war; only 50% of girls in Colombia receive a secondary education. Judge Esperanza Gonzalez hopes to change women's futures in the region. (Credits)

Conspiracy of Silence (03:53)

Gonzalez wants women to receive justice in Bolivar. The Judge describes the moment she realized she was prejudiced against homosexuals. Abortion is only allowed in extreme circumstances.

Helping Educate Women (04:33)

During a video on adolescent behavior, parents covered their eyes after hearing the word "sex." According to the 2005 census, 22% of Colombian girls from 12-17 do not attend school; Carolina Mogollon's education ended after becoming pregnant.

Bolivar Committee on Women's Health (05:31)

Dr. Monica Rojas noticed signs of sexual abuse in a 14-year-old girl and called Judge Gonzalez. Her mother and father deny the allegations but the father went to court. A different judge was appointed because Gonzalez may be called as a witness.

Tougher Laws on Sexual Abuse (03:43)

Judge Gonzalez works with the Catholic Church to address women's issues. Father Oliverio Murcia describes why he started participating on the sexual health team.

Credits: Colombia: Justice in the Region of Death (03:04)

Credits: Colombia: Justice in the Region of Death

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Colombia: Justice in the Region of Death

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The women of the Mid-Magdalena region have been living on a literal frontline, under the shadow of guerrilla war: "their bodies have been turned into a battleground," according to Amnesty International. The film follows the life and work of one local judge, Esperanza Gonzalez. Esperanza is a woman in her late forties who has been a judge in the town for the last 23 years. She has been trained by the PDPMM (Programa de Desarrollo y Paz del Magdalena Medio) on sexual and reproductive health, and she says her judicial sentences have changed: they now include a gender view on the problems she deals with.

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