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Science of Poker (05:28)


Scientists organized a poker game to study the physical and mental reactions of professional poker players Alex Luneau, David Kitai, and Gaelle Baumann. They will be playing against three amateurs to see how their reactions differ. A body language expert can see reactions of players in a one-on-one confrontation.

Calculating Risks (02:18)

Luneau is known for his ability to quickly calculate risks. He uses specialized software to replay games to see if he made the right decisions. He takes a mathematical approach to poker.

Neuroscience of Poker (07:09)

Two neuroscientists put Luneau through an MRI machine to study his brain activity. He undergoes an exercise to test his short-term memory and a gambling experiment to test his reaction to winning.

Physical Reactions in Poker (05:06)

The competition and tension in poker creates surges of emotion. Monitors track players' heart rates and perspiration levels. Scientists see stress levels of each player and predict their actions in the game.

Bluffing (06:55)

The body language expert can tell by facial expressions that a player is bluffing. Kitai is known for his ability to bluff and read opponents. He relays on feelings, intuition, and logic.

Social Science (05:03)

Kitai undergoes a test to see how his brain reacts during social situations of poker, such as bluffing. Certain parts of the brain are active when a person is interacting with another.

Emotional Control (04:43)

Maintaining composer in poker is important to winning. An amateur gets overly excited by a strong starting hand, but losses. Gaelle Baumann is known for her emotional control and ability to keep a poker face.

Stress Tolerance (06:45)

Players have less control over emotions the longer a game lasts; scientists detect little physical reaction from Baumann. She undergoes a test to measure her stress tolerance.

Final Poker Duel (04:44)

After more than four hours, Kitai and an amateur remain. The players enter the final stages of the game when the stakes for losing a hand are much higher.

Credits: Poker Brain: Inside A Poker Player's Mind (00:35)

Credits: Poker Brain: Inside A Poker Player's Mind

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In poker, it is often impossible to decipher the players’ emotions. But that’s about to change. We’re going to analyze some of world’s best players using state-of-the-art scientific tests, exclusive computer imagery and expert's comments. Watch the first poker game which captures the players' feeling emotions and brain power at work. How do they count cards, recognize their opponents tells, and maintain self-control? What physical and mental tricks do the players use to win? What happens in their bodies and their brains when they’re bluffing? How do they cope with the circuit’s never-ending stress?

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