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Conducting Group Therapy (04:18)


Carl Rogers gives a psychology seminar to other mental health professionals about his method of facilitating group therapy sessions. Rogers discusses his trial and error method of discovering effective group facilitation techniques.

Emotional Impulses During Therapy (05:44)

Rogers states he wants to participate in the group therapy session, not simply facilitate the group conversation. He trusts his spontaneous impulses as he works through a group therapy session. Rogers shares a story from a therapy session as an example of this therapeutic method.

Group Therapy Leader Participation (04:33)

In his group therapy sessions, Rogers begins as a facilitator of the groups, but then moves into the role of the participant as the group forms and becomes more comfortable with one another. Group facilitators use careful questions in order to coax the other members of the group into opening up.

Ideas and Feelings in Group Therapy (05:29)

Group leaders need to understand their facilitation is not the most important responsibility in the group process. Culturally, people only express their feelings or ideas depending on the situation. Rogers explains the importance of relaxing as the group facilitator.

Working as a Well-Known Psychologist (03:23)

As a renowned psychologist, writer, and speaker, Rogers explains the difficulty of separating clients and colleagues from their awe of his professional achievements. Rogers explains he tries to make clients feel safe by validating the emotions and reactions they express during the group sessions.

Credits: Carl Rogers on Facilitating a Group (00:32)

Credits: Carl Rogers on Facilitating a Group

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Carl Rogers on Facilitating a Group

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In this program, Carl Rogers talks about group process and the role of the group facilitator. He discusses the factors he feels are the most significant in facilitating group counseling.

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