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Sylvia's Session (04:13)


Today's interview is the fourth with the client. She plans to return to work and is concerned about caring for her sons without support. Carl Rogers comments on her "saving" the problem for therapy; she reflects on her sadness around the issue.

Substantiating a Concern (03:30)

Sylvia has had trouble finding successful single mothers to interview about their experience. She feels isolated and set up for failure. Rogers discusses trying to experience her feelings as a counselor.

Satisfying a Sadness (05:25)

Sylvia appreciates being able to express her emotions and fear of failure to Rogers. She also admits she is partly excited about a new phase of life as a single mother. Rogers says clients often experience positive feelings after negative ones.

Releasing Emotions (02:48)

Sylvia believes sadness and fear help her face her problems around single parenting. She hopes to be successful in her new phase of life. Rogers follows an impulse to ask how her children feel about it.

Parenting Concerns (03:12)

Sylvia's youngest son is excited about her new job. She hopes her older son will live with them when she goes back to work. She appreciates Rogers perceiving her fear of challenges around their relationship.

Credits: The Inner World of Counseling With Carl Rogers: Part 1 (00:39)

Credits: The Inner World of Counseling With Carl Rogers: Part 1

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The Inner World of Counseling With Carl Rogers: Part 1

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This program follows Carl Rogers as he uses the client-centered model to interview a client. With freeze-frames and voice-over commentary, the client describes her feelings during the interview and Rogers discusses the counseling techniques he is using and the client's reactions.

Length: 22 minutes

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