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Protests in Bolivia (03:46)


Police pour water on protesting activists. Angry at discrimination, individuals with disabilities travel across the Andes Mountains to speak with the president. Marcelo Vasquez explains that the group wants a monthly pension.

Reaching La Paz (04:54)

The caravan camps for the night. Police barricaded the Plaza Murillo and throw teargas on the protestors.

Bolivian Government Response (03:56)

The Minister for Social Affairs condemns the protestors on camera. Police threaten to arrest the documentary filmmaker. Individuals with disabilities describe why they fight for a monthly pension.

Protests Gain Prominence (04:52)

Miguel Mamani writes a letter to the Bolivian president, asking him to end the confrontation. Protestors hoist Rose Mery Guarito into the air to gain publicity for their cause. Protestors decide they want to control the eight entrances into Plaza Murillo.

Plaza Murillo (05:09)

After protestors slept in front of the entrances for two days, the Bolivian government arranges a meeting. The Minister of Employment explains they will not discuss the pension.

Protestors Make Little Headway (02:54)

Activists cover themselves in trash and others protest nearly naked to gain attention. After three months, they still have not gained access to Plaza Murillo.

Attack On the Protestors (03:17)

A vehicle runs over a group protesting at the viaduct; five were injured and two were killed. The government threatens activist leaders with ten years imprisonment. Guarito travels to the United Nations to raise awareness.

Credits: The Fight (00:54)

Credits: The Fight

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Disabled individuals marched across the Andes Mountains into La Paz and encountered riot police, barricades, tear gas, and water cannons. The protestors live on the streets, attempting to enter Plaza Murillo to meet with President Evo Morales. The government refuses to discuss their request for a pension of $70 a month and the protestors suspend themselves from the city's bridges in their wheelchairs.

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