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Chalk Girl: Introduction (02:34)


Chalk Girl explains how there is no freedom in Hong Kong. After the city was handed back to China in 1997, its citizens were promised a gradual move towards full democracy. Many feel that the Chinese government has reneged on that promise.

Hong Kong, 2014 (06:27)

Students protested in the street for free elections. Chalk Girl describes how the Umbrella Movement began. Activists wanted to defend the city's culture and demand autonomy from China; violence erupted.

Hong Kong, 2016 (03:37)

Several candidates want to bring the localist movement into mainstream politics. Chalk Girl publicly supports Sixtus Leung who advocates protecting the culture of Hong Kong and its democracy. Chalk Girl's father was accused of being an unfit parent by the judge.

Election Day (03:43)

Leung tries to gain public supports at rallies for votes. Chalk Girl describes her elation at discovering the election results.

Banned Lawmakers (03:57)

The two newly elected officials deliberately misread their oath of office and are not allowed to take their seats on the legislative council. Timos criticizes Chalk Girl's actions.

Not Getting Better (03:08)

Chalk Girl worries that the council's refusal to listen to the desires of the youth culture will lead to an explosion. The city chose a chief executive without an election. Localists remain under surveillance.

Credits: Chalk Girl (00:49)

Credits: Chalk Girl

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Chalk Girl

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A protester at the heart of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. Two years since being arrested, the 16-year-old must decide whether to rejoin the battle alongside the '"localist" youth. As elections loom, Chalk Girl is torn between wanting to respect her family, who are concerned about the risks of her activism, and standing up to Chinese interference. Young localists see themselves as being in a fight to save their beloved city, and in the middle of it all, Chalk Girl is just a teenager wanting to feel part of something bigger.

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