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Formerly the Radical Brownies (03:56)


Founded in December 2014, Radical Monarchs is an all-girls group that embraces social justice causes surrounding women of color. Located in Oakland, the group provides defense classes and speaks up for community issues. Anayvette Martinez describes how she founded the group.

Meeting of the Monarchs (04:41)

In "Radical Roots," girls learn about their heritage to help keep their culture alive. The Radical Monarchs marched in a Black Lives Matter protest. Laticia Erving describes why her daughter joined the troop.

Negative Publicity (03:22)

Parents and the founders describe why Radical Monarchs is needed within their community and empowers their children.

Black Panthers (08:25)

Martinez describes the origins of the Black Panther Party. The girls take a field trip to the original headquarters and speak with an original member. Girls in the troop describe why social justice appeals to them.

Credits: Radical Brownies (00:56)

Credits: Radical Brownies

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Radical Brownies

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In this video, learn about the youth group for activist girls of color. Based in Oakland, Radical Monarch members earn badges not for sewing or selling cookies, but for completing challenges on social justice including Black Lives Matter, ‘radical beauty’, being ‘an LGBTQ ally,’ and the environment.

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