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On the Road: Introduction (03:23)


Bonifica del Tronto Road is a haven for the sex trade in Italy. Jessica works at On the Road, a charity dedicated to helping the prostitutes. Most of the factories have closed down.

Prostitutes' Stories (03:42)

Favour and Hope recount how they became involved in the sex trade. Madams force the girls to take oaths and meet with witch doctors to scare them into compliance. In Libya, the girls are forced to prostitute at the connection house.

Coming to Italy (03:36)

Italy was not as ideal as the girls believed. Clients range from young bored men to those with sexual perversions. Mara describes how her daughter never wants to say where she is from.

Mistreatment (02:32)

Two prostitutes tell On the Road that a new girl is being abused by her Madam. Jessica explains that after working for two years, some girls are unable to pay off half the debt they owe. Juju creates fear and obedience.

Death and Abuse (04:36)

Some Nigerians look at female children as an asset to be bartered and sold. Favour agreed to come to Europe only after her mother said it was not prostitution. On the Road gives the girls a safe house when they decide to leave their Madams.

Credits: On the Road (00:55)

Credits: On the Road

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On The Road

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Hundreds of women operate as sex workers along the Strada Bonifica, the ironically named ‘road of love’ on the Adriatic coast of Italy. There has been a huge increase in the number of Nigerian women working along the 10-mile stretch of road– some of whom have been trafficked into the country and forced into prostitution. The film moves between the women’s stories, the Italians who live and work there, and "On the Road" workers, a charity dedicated to providing aid.

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