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Muslims in America (04:31)


Dearborn possesses one of the largest and oldest Arab American communities in North America. Sarah just graduated from Law School. Bob Dutko hosts a conservative Christian radio show in a nearby town.

Mission to Unite Dearborn (03:09)

Rob created the "Trump Unity Bridge" after President Donald Trump announced his bid for the White House. Michigan has over 10 million foreclosures.

Self-Proclaimed American Patriots (03:15)

Lee works in old people's home and takes care of his children during the day. Nick rehabilitates drug addicts. The Michigan Militia wants to defend freedom and protect their way of life.

Safety Concerns (04:47)

Suehaila and her brother Bilal practice at the shooting range. People tell Suehaila that she is not American because she is Muslim, but her family has lived in the U.S. for several generations.

Credits: Dearborn, Michigan (00:28)

Credits: Dearborn, Michigan

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Dearborn, Michigan

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Dearborn, MI has been thrown into conflict incorporating fear, ideology, and identity politics. Home to the largest Arab-American population in the United States, it is a place of apparent contradictions: simultaneously a sleepy affluent suburb and the subject of rumors around ISIS terror cells and sharia law. This film takes us into the lives of five very different citizens who have been caught in the crossfire, from Muslims to Christians, who all consider themselves Americans. As they grapple with questions of religion, race and class, do these separate communities have more in common than they realize?

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