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Right to Fight (04:20)


Garrett Holeve loves Mixed Martial Arts. Susan and Mitch Holeve discuss how Garret copes with Downs Syndrome. Jenn Herrera recounts how upset viewers were with a story that ran about the Holeves.

First Sanctioned Fight (04:19)

David Steffan and G-Money received a cease and desist letter moments before their fight was to begin. Mitch decided to sue the state of Florida for Garrett's rights. A promoter agreed to hold the match in Missouri at the Great Eagles Hall.

Fight Begins (06:21)

Watch excerpts of the fight. G-Money pins Steffan. Mitch and he celebrate the win. In 2014 the National Down's Syndrome Society named Garrett "Self-Advocate of the Year."

Credits: Martial Arts Fighter with Down's Syndrome (00:24)

Credits: Martial Arts Fighter with Down's Syndrome

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Martial Arts Fighter With Down's Syndrome

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Garrett Holeve (aka G Money) has always dreamt of being a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. As he prepares to fight another disabled opponent, Florida authorities send a cease-and-desist letter. A promoter arranges for the match to be held in Missouri.

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