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Media and History (03:49)


Media is plural for the word "medium," a vessel through which something else is transmitted like books, music, andmovies. Today's media plays a significant part in shaping people's minds.

Influence of the Messenger (03:17)

The function of media is to deliver a message like stories, news, information, entertainment, and art. How a message is delivered and by whom can be as influential as the message itself.

Life Imitates Art (03:30)

We pick up buzz words and catch phrases because they allow us to identify with others. Brand names provide a sense of identity and people often attempt to attain the looks they see in the media.

Violence in Our Culture (02:55)

News, music, movies, and television all depict violence. People become numb to violence through frequent media exposure. News coverage of crime increases even when crime rates decrease.

Tolerance and Acceptance (03:45)

Minority representation is not accurate in the media. Racial minorities are often seen through exaggerated stereotypes. The media influences tolerance, acceptance, and awareness of minorities.

Positive Action and Critical Viewing (02:40)

The media helps bring forward social issues that need public attention. Awareness of media's cultural influence allows viewers to become more critical consumers and more socially in-tune.

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Why We Do What We Do

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Beginning with a concise history of the media, this program explores the effects of TV and other information and entertainment sources on personal attitudes and actions as well as on public opinion. The impact of how appearance, language, and behavior are portrayed is considered. Tips on becoming a more critical viewer are included. A Cambridge Educational Production. (25 minutes)

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