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Persistence (02:00)


Psychologists define creativity as an idea that is novel and meaningful. Animator Chuck Jones found what he was striving for by failing to find the right idea at first. He draws the principle into his character of Wile E. Coyote.

Taking a Risk (05:46)

Jazz musician and composer Benny Golson says creative people are drawn to risk and more willing to experiment with the unknown. Personality determines if someone is more willing to push beyond the norm. A professor uses rock climbing to teach business students about risk.

Creative Mind (03:40)

Philosophers have tried to understand how creativity works in the mind. It is thought only certain ideas cross into the conscious mind, even less make it beyond self-judgement.

The White Moment (05:24)

The white moment is the idea of when the mind is allowed to flow without restriction or conscious thoughts. Musicians, artists, and athletes sometimes feel it during peak performances. Zen is a state of mind that allows a person to connect to the mind of the universe.

Types of Creativity (10:23)

Ann Sullivan used persistence and creativity in teaching Helen Keller to understand the world. People possess different types of creativity, which can be used in different fields. A neurosurgeon strives to have interpersonal creativity so she can be a better surgeon.

Dreaming (02:35)

Many creative ideas come out in the subconscious mind through dreaming. Dreaming is another window into the unconscious mind that allows ideas to escape.

Questioning (06:12)

Creative breakthroughs can depend on the way something is questioned. Inventor Paul MacCready believes anyone can be creative in the right circumstances.

Creative Approach (05:30)

Scientist Peter Lissaman calls windmills a creative approach to energy, by using technology to benefit from something that is already there. American creativity has always had a push toward inventiveness.

Intrapersonal Understanding (03:34)

People are able to utilize creativity better if they have an understanding of themselves and their abilities. Sigmund Freud analyzed dreams to give people a better understanding of their mind.

Lasting Creativity (04:56)

The creative spirit does not go away if it continues to be used. An 80-year-old painter and photographer started drawing when he was child, but stopped when he got a job. In retirement, he became a professional painter.

Joy in Creativity (03:41)

Artists and musicians talk about having joy in creating and using their creativity. Risk must be taken in order to experience joy.

Credits: Inside Creativity (01:38)

Credits: Inside Creativity

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The first program takes us inside the creative mind to explore what creativity really is and what causes it. Original animation helps us discover the secrets of intuition. Jazz great Benny Golson composes the score for the series and discusses the nature and power of creative collaboration. Animator Chuck Jones (creator of Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner cartoons), a master calligrapher in Kyoto, a professor at Stanford's Business school, a designer, and a pediatric neurosurgeon all demonstrate and share their creative "secrets."

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