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Artistic Insight (05:50)


Creativity comes in different ways for every artist, creator, and inventor. Seeing something with fresh eyes can change how a person views the entire world.

Performing Arts School (08:13)

New York High School for the Performing Arts is for students interested in acting, music, and dance. Students in the drama department are working on an original musical.

Power of Acting (08:08)

A teacher says acting gives people the opportunity to show the truth about the human spirit. Thousands of students throughout New York City audition for the school but less than 100 are admitted.

Drama Education (03:22)

Students in the drama department practice for their original musical. The students attend regular high school classes in addition to drama class.

Senior Projects (05:41)

Students prepare to audition for two projects—a Shakespearean comedy and a dark modern musical. The teachers push the students to understand how they can best contribute to a production.

Character Workshop (06:18)

To better understand how playwrights create characters, students are asked to create victims based on their own experience. The students stay in character throughout the workshop.

Acting Techniques (09:08)

Students use techniques learned at school to get fully into character for their senior projects. They relate personal experiences to the ones presented in the plays.

School Performances (09:06)

Students complete the final days of practice. The seniors perform in front of an audience.

Credits: Young at Art: New York High School for the Performing Arts (02:57)

Credits: Young at Art: New York High School for the Performing Arts

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Young at Art: New York High School for the Performing Arts

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A journey to New York's High School of Performing Arts.

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