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Creative Problem Solving (03:20)


Olympics of the Mind is an academic competition that promotes creative problem solving and alternative thinking skills. Students from across the country find solutions to a variety of problems.

Teaching Problem Solving (05:55)

Teachers encourage imagination and creative thinking when instructing students in creative problem solving. The student practice brainstorming to develop new ideas.

Problem Solving Teams (05:31)

High school students hold after-school training sessions to prepare for Olympics of the Mind. The students have to make a structure out of balsa wood that can support large amounts of weight.

Wind-Propelled Vehicle (03:36)

At the competition, one challenge is to build a wind-powered vehicle for less than $15. The students win points for their ideas, constructions, and performance. Teams get additional points for originality.

Brainstorming Session (02:36)

The competition includes a brainstorming session that each team must complete. The students are shown a picture and must come up with different uses for the item.

Balsa Wood Competition (05:19)

The high school teams compete in the balsa wood structure competition. The teams have a 10-minute time limit to see how much weight their structure can hold. The founders started the competition to show ways that creativity could be taught in the classroom.

Credits: Olympics of the Mind (02:09)

Credits: Olympics of the Mind

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A look at students in training for the "Olympics of the Mind," a nationwide competition in problem-solving. Youngsters are seen during brainstorming sessions.

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