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Time Wasting Behaviors (04:16)


Jeff Fink and Jon Halpern introduce themselves and describe the material they will present. Teachers lose teaching time responding to multiple issues throughout the day. Teacher responses may be as disruptive as the student's misbehavior.

Warnings and Offering Choices (05:07)

Warnings are ineffective in changing students' behavior. Hear how to remain calm and set limits in the classroom.

Choice Delivery (08:43)

Choices create autonomy in students and allow teachers to manage a classroom. See examples of how to pose two options to a student.

Giving Options to Students (02:53)

Learn how to deliver a choice-based statement to a group of students. See a review of key points in offering choices.

Credits: More Time to Teach: Offering Choices (00:26)

Credits: More Time to Teach: Offering Choices

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More Time to Teach: Offering Choices

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Teachers often become angry or frustrated after making repeated requests for students to stop their disruptive behaviors. This video shows teachers the skills to remain calm and eliminates the need to constantly remind students. Designed for general/special education teachers, administrators, and university instructors, the video helps teach students responsibility as well as shows teachers ways to avoid the frustration of dealing with repeated misbehaviors.

Length: 22 minutes

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