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Career: Hotel Management (02:10)


Personal qualities of hotel managers include warm personality, good people skills, communication skills, flexibility, and organizational skills.

Career: Business Center Manager (02:01)

A business center manager is flexible, organized, and dedicated to helping others. She has good computer skills, solves problems, and works well with people. This job requires a high-school diploma.

Career: Front Office Supervisor (02:20)

The front desk supervisor checks guests into the hotel, answers phones, and helps motivate others. She must have people skills to handle customer problems. Mentors and internships are available for this career.

Culinary Arts: Executive Chef (02:30)

The corporate executive chef must feed 1300 people lunch each day. He is passionate, hardworking, organized, and works well with people.

Culinary Arts: Food Scientist (01:53)

Food scientists are trained and educated in different sciences and technologies. Their work combines food preparation and the technologies involved in feeding large numbers of people. Specialized training is essential.

Culinary Arts: Professional Food Server (02:14)

Food servers must work well with people and be good team players. They are flexible and hardworking. Upward mobility is possible for those who are willing to start at the bottom and work their way to the top.

Tourism Careers: Commercial Pilot (02:38)

Commercial pilots must have good people skills, maintain a calm attitude, and be detail-oriented. Most airlines demand a four-year degree for their applicants, in addition to flight training school. Pilots receive perks that include low-cost travel.

Tourism Careers: Innkeeper (01:47)

In addition to skills required to serve guests at her bed-and-breakfast, the innkeeper must know how to work with vendors, have computer skills, and be organized and detail-oriented.

Tourism Careers: Cruise Ship Human Resources Manager (02:53)

This manager works closely with all divisional heads on the ship and works closely with nearly all crew members daily. He works to accomplish the company's goal of guest satisfaction. Jobs on cruise ships are "practically limitless."

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Hospitality: it’s one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, encompassing a wide variety of occupations and career paths. This program illustrates the exciting opportunities offered by the industry and shows how job seekers with almost any skill set or educational background can find success in the field. Viewers are introduced to three main areas of expertise—hotel management, culinary arts, and tourism—with detailed explanations of important jobs in each. The challenges of working as a hotel general manager, business center supervisor, front desk supervisor, executive chef, food scientist, professional food server, commercial pilot, bed-and-breakfast innkeeper, and cruise ship manager are revealed with the help of expert interviews and high-energy visuals. Smart ways to develop promising career paths are also explored. Correlates to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act). A Meridian Production. (23 minutes)

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